Local processing not working

I did the “Writing your first smart app” (uses only motion sensor, and outlet - both are supposed to be able to run locally)

It works fine with internet, but when I disconnect the internet from the hub (V2) the app stops working. Do you have to do something to make run local?

If you have written your own app, that’s probably why.
Only a few devices and a couple of apps run locally.
Search the forum as there is a thread about what devices and apps allow local processing.

EDIT: FAQ: CONFIRMED: Local Processing - Working Device Handlers

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I’m only using 2 devices, both are supposed to work locally.
SmartPower Outlet
SmartSense Motion Sensor

They both show up under local devices in the ide

The app is dead simple - sense motion turn outlet on, sense no motion turn the outlet off

Do no apps that developers write work locally?
If there are some, what determines whether of not they will run locally?
How can I troubleshoot?

No user apps run locally.

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The only smartapp that runs locally is the official smartlighting feature and a few bits of smart home monitor. That’s it. And those will only run locally if they are also limited to device type handlers that run locally.

No custom code runs locally, and there’s nothing we can do about it. The things which run locally are limited to code which is pushed out to every single SmartThings customer as a hub firmware update. So they limited it to smartlighting. They said they hope to change that in the future, but for now that’s the way it is.

See detailed discussion in the following thread:

Has there been any more discussion or public statements about this?

Same as it ever was, unfortunately. They wish they could do more local processing but at the present time only stock device type handlers and some parts of the official smart lights feature run locally, because the only things which can run locally are those which are pushed out to all customers as hub firmware updates. They have significantly increased the number of stock device type handlers which can run locally in the last two years, but then that’s been about it. :disappointed_relieved:

Also note that the SmartThings mobile app does not talk directly to the hub even if they are on the same LAN—that communication has to go through the cloud.

The other change in the last two years is that now device type handlers are marked in the IDE so you can see which ones on your account are eligible to run locally.


As @JDRoberts stated above, not much has changed since the time the v2 hub was originally released when it comes to SmartApps that can run locally. Lots of devices are now local, including some virtual devices that come in handy from time to time.

If local processing is a high priority for you, there are some other options available now on the market. One platform, released back in February, was designed and developed by some of the most prolific SmartThings Community members. As such, migrating from ST to this platform is relatively simple, as it also uses Groovy for custom code.

Here’s the ongoing thread regarding this newcomer to the market.

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