Hub V2 Local Processing?

Ever unplug your hubs ethernet and see just what it can locally process?

One would think it would process SHM (Smart Home Monitor), ensuring your alarm and designated lights would trigger during an invasion, water leak or smoke… Nope, nothing triggered… Even with ethetnet connected, V2 SHM no longer triggers alarms or lights during a smoke alarm or co2 test, V1 did, only way to test is to actually force a real alarm.

How about a remote control or wall controller? Nope…

Maybe a common ST SmartApp like Double Tap, No again…

Logging? Nope… App use? Nope…

How about a simple motion detector turning a light on, Yes, finally…

Maybe another switch able to trigger another device, yes…

Automatically turn a device off after a specified amount of time, yep…

Simple light triggering is the only real local processing, worth the upgrade? Not at all when you couple intermittent operation and connectivity…

Backup battery, definitely not, very limited time on batts… Only good for remote indtalls.

Keep your V1 or othrr system…


You can check what devices and Smart Lighting apps are running locally with these links:

Also see this thread on possible steps to make Smart Lighting run locally:


So that your answers could be all NO? What’s the point. You run into same issues with V1 and your lights don’t come on with motion.

Very deceiving lists…


Minimote is a local device, yet requires a button control that is not, so it’s worthless.

SHM shows up local but failed every test until ethernet plugged back in.

Might be worthwhile when ST approves the backlog of device handlers and smarrapps that make ST worth having.

My V1 was very stable, the V2 has a mind of its own.

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I think the platform is jacked up, if my local processing wasn’t working, I would have migrated back to v1, just to see if I get the same issues…

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Minimote does not require the button control smartapp anymore, it will work with the one smartapp that does run locally, Smart Lighting. So you can use minimotes locally, but only if the smartapp is also local.


Major disappointment that the SHM is basically dead when the internet connection is removed. Not very smart at all. So anyone using this for security needs to be aware that the sirens and alarms will not sound if the intruder cuts the phone line. I have the router and hub on UPS don’t see the point now.

I listened to their promises and paid to upgrade to V2! Guess I should have used the money to purchase Stock in Enron?:rage:

Theoretically, they will sound but only the burglars will hear them, as your neighbors will ignore them because they are tired from all of the false alarms and you wouldn’t know it, if you are away, becuse the notifications will not leave your hub.


I’m looking at installing a router with a back up 3g/4g connection. My worry is that I’m doing all this together with UPS but the actual smartthings system is still not reliable enough to make it worthwhile.


Thanks. Loaded it up, worked ok except an all off (not on/off toggle) always rended a toggle.

How about the ZWN-SC7, shows up in smartapp, but only 4 of 7 buttons?

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SHM is not just security, it provides safety and home protection. So far it has failed all testing when offline, no sirens, notifications or designated lights or locks worked when triggering an intrusion, leak or smoke/co2 alarm. I assumed notifications would fail, but the rest should work. Will retry after a reboot, but works as soon as ethernet is plugged in. Even when online, the smoke/co2 test still fails to trigger an alarm, siren or lights (V1 works fine), only triggers with actual smoke/co2 condition, so not good if you want to test your system and see what will actually happen for an alarm condition.

An UPS will still not make it work, if your Internet connection (cable or phone sys failure) dies, it’s won’t even process locally, an ups will only support a power failure. Note some cable systems, like mine, on local amplifiers, is dead with a area power loss anyway, so ups does nothing to support my connection.

@jimmay3 : Are you stating that it requires internet? or an active Ethernet port.

I mentioned a router with 3/4g backup on top of the UPS.
However still not convinced that smartthings is stable enough to rely upon even with the above.

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Internet via hubs ethernet port to connect to ST.

I’m understanding you made be able to use the hubs usb with 3/4G card too and I’m sure you can get your router on 3/4G and the hub can get an internet connection thru it.

My plan was to get a wi-fi to ethernet switch and use a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot to tap into 4g, The whole ST system shouldn’t use a whole lot of data, but …I changed my mind. I still think is very doable and fairly cheap. You can even use an old phone to tether from it…

Just re-verified SHM on V2 fails to produce any alarms, sirens, alerts, lights when a security, leak or smoke/co2 device is triggered without an internet connection (thus not on Local Processing). Plugged ethernet (internet connection to ST backbone) and all worked as advertised.

V2 SHM also failed produce a simulated alarm when a test button is pressed on a smoke/co2 detector, unlike V1 version. Also, V1 will turn all triggered lights off after an all clear signal, V2 does not even have an option.

Many have said SHM is unstable, I have never gotten a false alert to date via V1 or V2.

So again, the promised local processing of v2 has limits, only special designated (white listed) devices and Smart apps. SHM actually works better on v1, better features or some were lost in the software conversion. Under normal internet and power conditions, v1 has met or even outperformed v2 to some extent. If you want your lights to come on microseconds faster (nearly unnoticeable), then v2 might be for you, else at this time may not have been worth the supposed upgrade unless you have regular internet outages, which I can’t recall my last.

Looking back at the local app list via the link, I assume this is SHM:

Security/Alert with Lights (Home)

Thus just because its on this list, not all are functional, could just be a bug as the other items listed above.

To me, V2 Local Processing has gained me really nothing, as long as my internet connection is good. If internet fails, then I do get some basic features which probably won’t matter on the 1 day every 2 years I loose power/internet for a few hours.

Anyone verify any of these SHM bugs?

Yeah, whoever wrote it wrote it for four and always four buttons. Even other officially supported devices, like the Aeon panic button, always show 4 in Smart Lights.