What's wrong with Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor?

Just bought home monitor kit, only the outlet is working fine, the motion sensor shows unavailable once a while but it’s still OK, both Multipurpose Sensors are really disappointing, the very first day both worked fine, and then one just totally died after 2 days, the other one just shows acceleration is active or inactive , not showing opened or closed, so the automation I added to lock the door lock when front door closes is totally useless after the first day.

I did try delete them and re-pair them,
the dead one came back once and shows unavailable after a few minutes and then can never be reset and paired , just dead.
the other one works fine for another couple of hours and then just showing acceleration stuff instead of opened or closed.

I would’ve bought the hub itself instead of the home monitor kit if I knew the official sensor is like this.

I added door lock and thermostat and they both work fine, never lost connection, so I assume the hub is fine, just the Multipurpose Sensors are defective? but both of then? am I not lucky enough or the quality of Multipurpose Sensor just that bad??

You are not alone… Make sure you have OTA update enabled in your IDE so that your sensors get the latest firmware, also try replacing the batteries (even though they are fairly new) these sensors are picky about the battery. Once you are fed up with all that go buy some iris sensors and call it a day :wink:

thanks David, I just did firmware upgrade and one of them looks ok for now, the other one still like a dead fish, so I’ll try get a new battery. did you try xiaomi door sensors? Iris sensors are very expensive, like 5 times of xiaomi’s

I always have intermittent connection problem with my multisensor until I placed the ST outlet on the same room to boost the signal and seems no problem for months except the OTA drained the battery to very low and then I replaced the battery and no issue so far

If you just need door/windows sensors Xiaomi is very stable got 2 for 5 months or so
Visionic also good if you want the temperature function I have been using one for 1-2 months zero issue that’s why I just bought another one last month

I have a few of the original Xiaomi sensors for less important automatioms, they work fine most of the time but they are not officially supported so they could become paperweights at any point (like the v18 beta). Luckily ST fixed it but they were not obligated too, Xiaomi does not follow the HA standard. Iris sensors go on sale every few months, you can pick them up for around $10-$15/piece depending on your coupon game :wink:

may I ask what’s the battery model for xiaomi sensors? if same as ST, I can buy more battery to get ready

Zooz door sensors work well too. Have replaced most of my ST multi sensors as they worked inconsistently, at best. False alarms and an “offline” status were common occurrence. They also eat batteries like they’re free.

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ST sensors are useless, don’t waste time or batteries making them works. Just get another brand like Fibaro or Aeon which work great.