Whats the best way to programme a remote for volume up/down and lights dim/brighten?

Folks, I need your help with this one. I have one of the Ikea hockey puck remote buttons and I’m looking to programme the buttons whereby the arrows increase/decrease the volume on a sonos speaker and the brightness button increase/decrease the brights of lights in a room. I’ve already set the power button to kick off a scene.

Question to you folks, how can I achieve either the volume changes or the brightness changes? I’ve seen how to set the volume level via button triggers or automation but I want to say + or - 10% in this case. Same for the brightness, its easy to set the brightness of things but not to increment/decrement.

Using something like WebCore isnt an option for me. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m sure someone may offer a more definitive answer, but I recalled seeing this thread a few days ago, although I’m not sure a solution is in there.

There isn’t any way to do increments without a custom app, device handler, or webcore, at least that I’m aware of, for now…

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Brilliant. Don’t know why that didn’t show up on my search but it’s a great start anyway. Thanks!!

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