Better native support for doing increments (like volume, brightness, heater level)

Maybe you can add the following story to your product Jira board (or similar) :slight_smile:

As a user I would like to do the following without having to fiddle with custom drivers or external services.

“Buy a Fibaro Keyfob Remote (6 button remote pictured below) and map the buttons to be able to turn the volume of a Sonos speaker (or Sonos group) up/down by increments. Map buttons to turn the brightness of a individual light or lighting group up/down”.

The lights can then be Zigbee/Z-Wave bulbs, Hue, Lifx etc.

Nice to haves: Map buttons to tweak colors/kelvin of lights up/down by increments.

Even nicer to have: Map a button to play a specific Sonos radio/playlist, Map a button to set a specific Lifx scene (defined in the Lifx App or a lighting scene), increments for other devices, dimmer hardware and the above… okok I’m scope creeping here, maybe just stick to the original description, and make this a seperate story :slight_smile:

I’m a developer and can accomplish this myself by diving into custom drivers (thanks to a cool community!), external services ( etc.) or API access etc… buuuut I think your product would be more successful if this could be done out of the box by people that don’t want (or can’t) dive into a rabbit hole of tech setup.

Only being able set devices to a specific state (and in rare cases flip a state like on/off), like to turn things on and off or set a specific volume level, color brightness setting etc. seems a bit dated by now. I can tell my Google Home to increase volume and brightness without any custom fiddling, the same I can do with my Flic buttons. Maybe SmartThings should just buy Flic, they seem to have some product owners thinking hard about covering more user stories of how to make clickable hardware more useful natively (no tech deep dive) :slight_smile:

I do really like SmartThings and have the best wishes for success.

Btw: Nice job on the edge driver for Fibaro Keyfob Remote (single press, hold, double press, three times press etc.).



Hello! I’m struggling to get my Fibaro Keyfob working again with Edge drivers. Is there any decent driver for this remote at the moment?

My current state in Smartthings seems quite broken with only one button working in single click mode.

Hi @Peter_Rothman

I’ve had it running with the stock Z-Wave Button driver for a year now and it works fine.

Install the driver on your hub.
Exclude the device with the hub device app utility.
Put the device in pairing mode.
Add a new device with the app’s option to search nearby or by make and model.

It is a somewhat complicated device to pair, follow the steps in the manual and be patient

Thanks for a quick reply!

I had reset and repaired the device a number of times but my issue turned out to be the old custom DTH which I have removed now from the old UI and now the remote can work again without the need for the ABC button smart app :blush:

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