What's switching off my light?

I have a hue bulb used in a lamp without the Hue hub, just direct to ST. Works fine most of time. I have a smartapp, Smart lighting, used to switch on at 8pm, off at 11:30pm.

It comes on fine, however something is switching it off at 9:45pm and I can’t see what in my routines or smartapps etc.

If I switch it back on, it then stays on and switches off at the correct time.

Is there anyway I can see why?


If it happens consistently at a certain time, it sounds like there must be a smartapp that’s running that automation.

Try opening up live logging in the IDE a couple minutes before 9:45pm and then see what shows up there.

In addition to the live logging that Mark mentioned, you can try clicking on the “Recently” tab for the Light. It will show what commands have been sent to that light along with the name of the routine/smart lighting/webcore that initiated it.

It just says “light is off” at the time when it shouldn’t be going off.

I’ll have to try and catch the live logging, do I go in the graph IDE for this? Haven’t used IDE much. I use an iOS all called SmartRules and SmartApps to try and keep out of the complicated stuff!



Damn - I’m have the same issue but with my Harmony Hub. If I turn the TV on its fine but if I switch to movie mode, ps4 or any of the other modes it works fine for 5 minutes then the tv turns off. I’ve checked everything and can’t figure out what is causing it. If I put it direct into the mode (without being in TV mode first) then it stays on just fine.