Help! Old SmartApp automation still running

So I use the smart lighting smartapp for a lot of automations. At first, I set up an automation to turn off all the lights at 1:30am. I needed to adjust the time so I changed it to 2:30am. But now it seems that all my lights still turn off at 1:30am and then again at 2:30am. It even happens for newly added lights that weren’t around when I had originally set the lights to turn off at 1:30am. In my notifications, at 1:30, it only shows “light x off” and so on. At 2:30am, it shows the actual smartapp name has been ran. Anyone else had this issue or can point me in the right direction for how to fix it? Thanks!

If you can’t delete it form the app or the IDE contact support. They can force remove orphaned jobs.

I found that if I adjusted times in Smart Lighting automations, the new time would never update to the cloud. The time on my ST phone app would read correctly, but the automation would still run at the old time. Then I had massive reliability issues after the last hub update. I abandoned Smart Lighting and moved everything to CoRE. Stable so far.

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