What's really going on?

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve really been lurking in the shadows here on the forum. I’ve been really working hard on a project that I plan to have done by the end of the week.

I have been watching everything and it is seeming like business as usual… except for the lag that some are experiencing.

I have to admit, I’ve not had to mess with an automaton in a couple of weeks. The only problem I can think of is a few days ago a mode didn’t change, but my mode monitor piston fixed it within minutes.

It’s been pretty smooth sailing.

How about y’all?


It’s been broken for quite a few people, as acknowledged on the SmartThings status page and by SmartThings employees in the forums.


You can also check the first bug reports page in the community – created wiki.



Oddly things have been stable here even the past couple of days. Then there was the case of my front door stuck on close which I thought was due to the ST issues people were experiencing. It turns out the magnet fell off and ended up stuck to the contact so it’s been piggybacking each time the door is opened or closed. :blush:


After moving to a new hub, I’ve experienced a whole lot more failures. Not sure if it’s just a coincidence, but lights don’t always turn on when contact opens, or motion is active. Or they forget to turn off. Lag seems to be a problem too. I reached a point where I don’t really care if there are missed events, I have no desire to look at logs anymore. I am slowly rediscovering the power of manual switches.


Sounds like a case of Smart Home Fatigue to me. :slight_smile:


I’ve experienced a noticeable lag on iOS only.

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loading modes on any app in ST’s takes ages.

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Had 2 mode changes that were set on a schedule fail in the last 2 weeks. Presence has been a little slow. Plan to add a mode piston and visual verification when presence arrives.

All my rules for motion and contacts fire right away, maybe the occasional second or so lag. Overall pretty smooth sailings the past couple months. Rarely use the app and the only debugging I had to do recently when my shades stopped responding to commands, had to power cycle the ZRTSi.

I bought Smartthings in April.
I was very impressed with the product, and with the helpful and informative community.
I was particularly impressed that there were weekly updates posted in these forums by the CEO of Smartthings.
Along with the ‘works with hundreds of products’ marketing claims, I felt extremely confident in my purchase.
For the first few months Smartthings worked almost perfectly, so I bought more things, and I recommended it to all my friends.
In August, a firmware update broke something and since then, I’ve had one problem after another.
Smartthings has become the most frustrating and unreliable part of my home network.
While looking on the forums for solutions to the problems I’ve experienced , I’ve found that others have had similar issues.
I’ve noticed that the regular updates from the CEO have stopped without any explanation or obvious reason.
The last word appears to be that the company is focused on improving reliability instead of implementing promised features like Bluetooth.
Reliability has actually got worse for me since August and I’m upset that the promised app for my Gear S2 smart watch has never been released, although the Gear S3 has now been on sale for some time.
Even if I still wanted to buy new things, the website has nothing in stock.
My local Curry’s have a few tatty and old looking boxes of moisture sensors underneath a dirty and broken display shelf next to the returns counter.
It doesn’t look good to me.


In the last several days,

some extra lag in the Android app, some failures to update the app log. 3-4 failure to execute routines called by Alexa Helper in primeTVtime . One noteable failure to run a power-monitoring routine all night long, which is supposed to turn off power to a desktop.

minor but noticeable increase in glitches.

So much lag… Only a very few missed things in CoRE, all my Routines, RM rules, and SHM stuff has been working great. Still seem to have scheduler or timing issues though.


We have been battling cloud gremlins last week/this past weekend. Changing the Hub is probably just a coincidence, but the issues may be compounded by (or just more noticable) by having a new layout map for the mesh network


FWIW - based on what I am picking up from internal conversations, I don’t think it’s the scheduler itself. It sounds like the issues are related to some of the SmartApp execution dependencies, which is why some non-scheduled SAs are failing as well. It also sounds like we are getting things back under control


Glad to hear things are starting to get back to normal - it’s been an interesting week or so. Really wish you guys could get ahead of some of this stuff.

I do find the missing Alex stuff interesting and that all the smartthings folks just seem to ignore the posts about it. Probably a reason for that but would clarification on that would be nice.

Again, it’s a pure speculation, but the thing to watch, imho, is whether 2017 Samsung TV’s are still going to be marketed as “SmartThings-ready”. ST blew the release schedule for the 2016 models and if Samsung abandons this idea for the next year models, that would mean they’re likely to write it off.



I hear the life force draining…

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Neh, I have better things to do with my time. Got into HA because I wanted convenience not a second job. Was fun for a while but enough is enough…


Did you change shards?

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No, just attitude :smile:


There have been repeated queries about his whereabouts, with no response. He’s possibly busy with other things (but why not say so or assign some minion to write the weekly updates?) or “on special assignment” or “taking time to be with family” or other happy words used when someone with a golden parachute is no longer in the driver’s seat.

Happens all the time in Corporate America…