It’s getting funky (June 2018)

Weird things are happening. Just in the past couple weeks.

Webcore pistons that worked fine for months are triggering when conditions are not met.

Presence sensors with fresh batteries are “coming home” and triggering events without having left, after working beautifully for months.

Nothing has changed in my environment.

I read in another thread that there was an update to the hubs that was rolled back.
Is it possible this process did not succeed completely?
Is there an update coming that will heal these things that used to work reliably, but are now flaky?

What thread did you read this?

Have you tried rebooting your hub?

As always, open a ticket with ST support. They can examine what is going on :slight_smile:


I forget the thread; it popped up while I was searching something yesterday.
But I’m following your ‘reboot’ advice, and let’s see how that goes before I take it to support.

So, I am having the samething! My whole house just freaks out randomly. Today I woke up to a house with the AC set to 60… dont even have a piston or any other setting that goes below 72. Ill try rebooting the hub and hope for the best too…

It’s worth noting that rebooting the hub clears out some logs that may be useful to support. I would contact support prior to rebooting. I think there is a button somewhere that forces these logs to upload to support but I’ve not used it so I’m not sure where it is.

I realize I’m replying to an 8 day old post but hopefully this will be useful info the next time this happens.

Things are getting stranger! Woke up this morning to all the lights on in my house… then the garage door decided to open. Things are possessed in my house right now haha