Whats Best? Z-Wave Dimmer switch or AEOTEC Dimmer Micro?

Hi all

As the title says I am trying to find out the best solution for a query I have. I am replacing the old fluorescent light in my kitchen with two clusters of 4x GU10 lights. I was going to buy Ikea tradfri but that would still cost me about £144 in the UK for 12x GU10’s. Im now debating whether to put in an AOTEC dimmer insert or use a Z-Wave dimmer switch. Any pros or cons from people who know more than me? :slight_smile:

We need the exact model numbers, there are quite a few different ones. :sunglasses:

@JDRoberts I’m looking at the 2x wire AEOTEC ZW111 dimmer. I’m really wondering if there is something that an insert dimmer can do that a traditional z-wave switch cant. Not decided on the switch yet. I will need to put a new backbox in as the ones here in Spain are very shallow but we have very thin walls so will be a bigger job than it would in the UK with the wall being replastered.

(We usually call the insert devices “micros” or “in wall micros” in the forum )

At the present time, I’m not aware of any Z wave switches for the EU which don’t require a neutral. But quite a few of the micros do not, although you may need to buy an additional device called a bypass. Because so many new homes do not have a neutral at the switchbox, the micros are particularly popular. You can either use the ones that don’t need a neutral or you can position the micro at a different place on the circuit branch, typically inside the ceiling Rose, where there is a neutral.

But other than the neutral issue, The micros have exactly the same kind of engineering and features as the switches, they are just giving you only the internal part so that you can fit it into places where you might not fit a full switch. So it’s just a matter of looking feature by feature to see which has what you want.

Have you had a chance to look at the FAQ for UK lighting? It would probably answer quite a few of your questions. (This is a clickable link.) :sunglasses: