What to do if My Devices -> my phone -> presence: not present (is wrong)

So looking at my SmartThings account I notice that in “My Devices”, I can click on my phone which is used as mobile presence sensor. In the device settings I can see current status and then:

presence: not present

This is incorrect as my phone is present! Is there a simple way to change this? So change not present to present?


usually opening the app will work. sometimes slightly changing your geofence will also refresh it. Which phone? new or classic app?

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Thanks for chiming in, it’s the new app which I have opened. I’ve also played with the Geofence and even looked at the location of the phone! I’m hoping that my trip out shortly will fix it all :-).

is this an android or iphone? Have you confirmed location services are set correctly for the SmartThings app and any battery optimizing is turned off for it?

It’s an iPhone, I removed much of the location history and took the phone outside to try and get a GPS signal, things seem a little better after my trip out this evening. Location services for the phone are set to ‘Always’ so I think things should (in theory) be OK.