Issues with Mobile Presence - "No states found"

(Steven) #1


I am a proud new owner of a SmartThings hub, and am starting work on getting comfortable with it, and all the cool things I can build around it! It’s a pretty sweet device. It arrived late this evening, and since then I’ve gotten an Iris water sensor hooked to it, two mobile phones connected, and used one of the other awesome users’ dashboards to connect and give me a great display on my tablet of my SmartThings state. I love it!

I’m having a heckuva time, however with one specific aspect of it. My wife and I have two phones - an LG G2, and a Samsung S5. The LG G2 seems to work great, as it properly shows when I’m present and when I’m away, by showing me a current state of “presence: present” in the dev graph.api URL. This works awesome!

For the life of me, however, I cannot seem to get my wife’s S5 to do the same thing! I’ve installed the app on her device, authenticated her, set up a mobile phone presence monitor on her phone, and added the device. If I go into api url specified above, it shows that for her phone, “No states found”. It doesn’t seem to detect or do anything with her phone, ever. Nothing about being present, or away / not present. There’s just…nothing.

I’ve tried uninstalling the app, reinstalling it, restarting, making sure GPS is enabled with high accuracy location. But still, nada.

Anyone run into this situation before? Any way to force it to reset the state detector to determine if she’s present or not?

Thanks for any help! Other than that, I’m loving the device already!

(Steven) #2

Of course, apparently I just need to get on here and complain!

Seems after constantly removing, re-adding, deleting again, restarting, and re-adding again, eventually I got to the right combination where it seemed to stick, and actually started reporting its location.

At first after it started reporting, it was giving me “Not Present”, even though I was sitting in my house, with the phone right in the center of the location circle. I opened up Maps, and verified that it wasn’t locked onto GPS, and was simply estimating its location via cellphone tower triangulation. So I went outside to get the GPS to lock, and voila! Presence: Present again!

(Keith Croshaw) #3

I had issues last night 6-13-15

Maybe let support know.