What SmartThings app is this? Classic or the new

How you made it work , because I was talking with terry from action tile support and he told me that doesn’t support routine or scense , how you made it works?

I said ActionTiles is not yet compatible with SmartThings New App Scenes & Automations.

ActionTiles cannot directly activate a Classic App Scene either; but it can execute Classic App Routines which activates any Scene.


Assuming supporting the new scenes is on your road map?

Any word on being able to control the new smart home monitor? The fact it has a built-in delay is kind of nice.

New app that was just released does seem to support more automations. Like Konnected and MyQ Lite both show up now. But a major one, Alexa, doesn’t which I found really odd.

Alexa, ring, and other connect apps are under settings > connected services


Got it. Thanks, one less thing.

well at that rate you’re gonna have to uninstall classic too


I hope not, but I will wait and see.

Definitely; but implementation requires complete conformance with the New SmartThings Cloud API, so this isn’t something we can do as a simple single incremental change.

SmartThings still has not published specifications / API for interaction with Classic SHM, nor New SHM. I want to yell at someone, but that wouldn’t help. :disappointed:


I have both installed, for some time. I also use Google Asst. They all work together, however I view the classic app as the real controller. There are features in classic which are not in Samsung version.

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I have the new App for my Samsung washer and dryer integration. But the integration is awful…my washer doesn’t even work.

I have it also and really don’t have any problems with it. It was a little goofy to set up at first but now I get notifications when either is done with its cycle.