What’s the Future for SmartThings in the UK?

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We tried to get an unambiguous statement from Samsung on their commitment to the UK market for the piece below but they declined to comment :frowning:


Lets hope they aren’t planning to withdraw from the UK market - that would be a huge shame.

Certainly seems a lot of chatter to that effect, both here in these forums and other sources I’m hearing from.

We had an opportunity for Samsung to give us an official answer but declining the offer to comment doesn’t fill me with confidence.


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And who at Samsung made the rediculously stupid decision to retail exclusively through Currys? That can’t have helped penetration into the UK at all. Currys staff are clueless at best.

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The most clueless thing from my point of view is the fact that Samsung still refuses to let Vesternet sell ST. And other good HA retailers too, but I single out Vesternet because of the regard they are held with in this community. Just look at how many times their wiring diagrams are posted, and links to the advice on their website.

But apparently they are ‘too niche’…

Crazy. Totally crazy.


I can’t see ST pulling out of the UK as that would mean abandoning any European plans and hence any global plans and if Samsung want’s to be anything it’s a global player.

However I do think there are some Supply Chain questions which don’t add up.

Obviously they’re still selling but not in massive numbers as the stock in the local PC world changes but they’re trying to hold 2-5 of each item. So it’s probably an unpredictable item leading to frequent stock-outs as I would guess the re-order lead-time could be long as production runs will be few and infrequent especially with the different rf standards.

I don’t get the Samsung stock-outs that just sounds like incompetence or a model change coming. Or Samsung just want you to have a Hub and monitise your data/behavior.

I can understand Amazon being sold out as being on Amazon UKmay let people from across Europe pre-order which has probably caused a bow-wave of demand still thinly spread though but difficult to judge in terms of on-going sustainable demand.

However ST’s strength is also it’s weakness. If I can’t get an ST sensor I’ll jump for a Fibaro or Wemo or Aeon or…! So I think like a lot of us I do get a fair proportion of the items I need from Vesternet.

Once I have my hub it’s an open market for me and most Zigbee and Z-wave products are compatible.

At the end of the day Samsung need to be in the HA/IOT market as that is where the market is going and hopefully the ST platform can get it there. But my guess it is likely that the platform will evolve to be more integrated into everything and less hobbyist and open.

But that’s just my random thoughts

Nope! See post here: No stock? - Discontinued? - #23 by Aaron

I can buy a dvd player from Panasonic and a blu ray player from Sony, doesnt stop Samsung selling me a TV.

If they simply shifted a hub into all the homes looking for a start in Home Automation, Samsung would be onto a winner. Lets face it, the hub alone is good value, especially when compared with the competitions offerings.

So what if people buy sensors and sockets from other manufacturers, if all those people pick a smartthings hub to run them all, then Samsung should be happy.

However, like others, when you see things “coming soon” for ages, especially when those things are already working in the US then it does not fill you with confidence. Smartthings already works with Evohome in the US, and the only difference as far as I can see for UK customers (and european) is that their Evohome systems are logged into via international.mytotalconnectcomfort.com instead of www.mytotalconnectcomfort.com

If its going to take months for samsung to address this relatively simple change over, then I fear the writing is on the wall for ST in the UK.

The person to blame is whichever marketing genius decided to put an exclusivity in place with Currys.

It would be like Evohome having an exclusive deal with B&Q. People who buy tech at the bleeding edge, do not buy in places where they are more informed than the staff selling the items.


We plan on always maintaining an open platform with options for developers to build, integrate, etc. However, we are working to make the primary customer experience more mainstream (e.g., app usability, WWST partner integrations, more to come)


Well that’s good - but the stock situation isn’t

I believe that the SmartThings staff in the UK have all been made redundant recently based on one of my Linked In connections. That doesn’t bode well for the future in the UK.

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Just echoing… Yes. This is the plan. We need to make the consumer experience better or there won’t be any customers to develop for. :slight_smile:


Did @Alex get lost at Paddington station?

According to LinkedIn, it looks like the ST Europe Managing Director left this month.


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Aaron S - most items now moved to “Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.”

How long do you expect this delay for the inventory to showing up to go on?


from: No stock? - Discontinued? - #29 by redball

Aaron - still all weeks or months away?

Days to weeks - definitely not months… the oversimplification is SmartThings Warehouse>UK Distributor>Retailer>Customer. The inventory left our warehouse and should be on shore in the UK by now. It will take a bit of time to trickle through the distribution chain, but should be available in the next week or so.

(@PailOckenden - see this thread to learn more about how we are working to keep up with the existing demand before adding more even more channels)

Aaron - 12 days ago you said

“Stay tuned to the Amazon page. It sounds like there might be a delay in the device being “live on Amazon” and the inventory showing up in their system. This should be reconciled soon”

This constant misinformation really isn’t helping the community believe there’s not a problem with ST in the UK. At the very least there some serious incompetence here.


Aaron you say it “should” be on shore by now. Surely you could find that out for certain?

If an individual can track a parcel across the world I’m sure Samsung should be able to manage it …

One week it’s just about to show up on Amazon and now it might not have even landed.

Part of the reason why Home automation IS so niche… :frowning:

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