What’s in a name? SmartThings and SmartThings Classic

:rofl::rofl: @JDRoberts is on a roll today! I refer to “New App” and the “Classic App”. Probably won’t change those references but I totally understand @jkp the issue(s).

Personally, I say }%{{%}^}^}^ the “New App” it sux! No it sux }%}^}%}}^}{!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I just realized there are a whole bunch of posts in the forum about the “new app“ which are referring to the V2 app. The one which is now called “classic.”

So you know how I am about model numbers :wink:: I’m now thinking “V1 app”, “V2 app” (now called Classic), and “V3 app” solves the archives problem, both now and for the future when they come out with yet another “new app.” Plus it’s easy to both say and type.

And to explain: the V1 was the original app. The V2 app came out in 2015 when the V2 hub came out. The V3 app came out in 2018 when the V3 hub came out. You have to have the V3 app to set up the V3 hub, but after that you can use the V2 app if you want. Support has said the V2 app will be going away eventually, but they haven’t said when.

SmartThings support used to call the V2 app “the new app,“ but now they call the V2 app the “classic app“ and call the “V3 app“ just “the SmartThings app”. ( OK, maybe that part isn’t as easy to explain. But it’s easier to explain than smart home monitor. :rofl:)


I am just waiting for the V8 app


I have a name suggestion for the latest app but it’s not helpful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


There are only 2 currently available SmartThings Apps.

In order to be completely unambiguous (and backwards compatible), references to either App should always contain a modifier.


  • SmartThings Classic App
  • New SmartThings App

I do not care where the modifiers “Classic” and “New” appear in the labels.

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Thanks to all for the helpful information :slight_smile:

OK, I updated the community FAQ for the V2 and V3 app names, but left open the possibility that it will change again. :sunglasses:

It would have been nice if SmartThings had listed the new app in the App Store as v3 instead of v1 (1.7 for android and 1.6 for iOS). Hint hint @Brad_ST to get it adjusted. :wink:

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I suspect that part of the issue is that this is the “one app to rule them all” which brought together many different Samsung apps, not just smartthings. That includes Samsung connect, the one that was used for cars, The one that was used for smart televisions, the one that was used for smart appliances, etc. So it was version one of the consolidated app, and version who knows what for each of the individual ones. :sunglasses:

Can’t we just call them:

  • The ‘crappy’ app (V3/new), and
  • The ‘slightly less crappy’ app (V2/classic)

Okay I can’t resist playing along. Hard to believe I have been playing with ST for 5 years now starting with the original V1 app in 2014.

Anyone remember when people had to design custom round logos for their things because the original app just had a picture icon and once you had more than a handful of things you couldn’t figure out what you were clicking on? And I remember having more icons than would fit on the screen.

Walking down memory lane here to put the V3 New app into some perspective. It is miles ahead of where we began. I get that it should be even better given the speed of tech but it isn’t total crap either (it was upon first launch). The new look since the April update makes it reasonably usable. It is hilarious how they almost exactly modeled it after Apple HomeKit look and feel. My only complaint about it is I still can’t get my robot vacuum to move from my default Home to my other location where all my other stuff is. I tried 10 times and it keeps defaulting to Home.

As for naming I lean toward both brevity and clarity so I like a blend of JD’s and Terry’s versions. V2 Classic and V3 New. I simply can’t wrap my head around calling the V3 New app V1 even though I understand the reasons Samsung calls it that in the App Store.


Speaking of the V1 app: remember when you had to physically shake the phone in order to see the text labels for those thing pictures? :scream:


ROFLMAO !!! That acronym is as old as the shake phone memory!


If by reasonable you mean no custom smartapps, no custom tiles, no custom attributes… then sure.

Granted, it’s a fairly sleek interface, but that’s about all it has going for it.

As I understand things, In the new ST ecosystem apps are developed in more standard languages like Node.js and publishing to others is not so easy (may not be supported at all). So, as a mobile app I do think it is reasonable. Whether their new ecosystem for supporting DIY enthusiasts like us is reasonable is a whole different matter. And of course I don’t think it is.


That’s the intention, but the new ecosystem doesn’t even have any way to work with the zigbee and zwave devices yet, so it’s all pretty theoretical. I think it has to be judged on what it does today.

There’s a topic in the forum where people have put things that they like about the V3 app.

Meanwhile and I know I am as guilty as anyone on this account, let’s try to keep this thread on topic for discussions of what to call the two currently available apps.

If you want to discuss features of either of the apps, use the following thread instead:

"SmartThings Classic" (V2 app) vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" (V3 app)


I was on topic… my suggestion was to call it the ‘crappy’ app… so I was justifying my reasoning lol :rofl:


I don’t think the appellative is entirely deserved. It has some UI merits, for one, it flows well with One UI and also is much better organized than v2. Unfortunately, it seems that it matures like wine. At this development pace, it will be very good in about 10 years. :slight_smile:

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I had to google the meaning of that… touché

Certainly does… but a slick interface does not make a good app.

All it needs for me to consider a nicer appellation would be the addition of ‘my apps’ and the ability to customise tiles… with just those two things I would happily switch over.


For those who missed it, the name of the new V3 app is now officially back to being just “SmartThings.“ Not “SmartThings (Samsung Connect).”

So I think continuing to call it V3 in the forums is a good idea. Particularly since someday it will not be “the new app.” :wink:

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