Is it me or does the older ST mobile app still work better than the new one?

I find it easier to add devices in the older app and devices show up as connected in the older app vs the newer app some keeping saying “checking status” and just doesn’t connect.

Also, the old app lets me name an automation (Front Step Lights) vs the new one calls it “Smart Lighting” and doesn’t let me change the name.

Parts of the new app looks smoother but from a functional point the older one is more dependable.


are you using the Smart Lighting app? If yes, on the last screen you can select to enable edit automation name

Thank you for the response.

I have it enabled and named it but in the “Automations” window it’s still names “Smart Lighting”.

Smart lighting is the name of the app but when you open it, you will see the list of Automation rules. It is the same for both the Classic and Samsung Connect apps. :slight_smile: so in your case, you would see Turn on Step Lights listed as a rule after you open Smart Lighting.

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Ahh ok gotcha. I only put the one into the new one so didn’t have a second one to see it listing off. Guess I’m used to the looks of the older one which , well still looks better with buttons.

Think I’ll be sticking to the old one mostly as my TP-Link switches in the new one just sit on the screen saying “Checking Status” all the times which makes it useless.

Thank you for your feedback @jkp !!

Have you checked out this thread?

I’ve been playing with the new app a lot the last few days. It’s weird I haven’t had an issue with presence in forever. The old app just wouldn’t show I was how or that I left correctly. Decided to mess around with the new app. I don’t have a ton of totems running through it on my second location. Once I started using the new app for location based events it’s damn near instant. Although when I open the old app it turns off using the new app for location for some reason. I’m gonna add another user account to my set up and run the classic app on my iPad with the other user and only run the new app on my iPhone for a bit and see how things turn out. If there is anything I need to set up in classic I can use my other account logged into the iPad to not mess up anything with the new app