What light switch to buy? (Australia)

Hi everyone, I am relatively new to home automation and am looking for light switch recommendations that are compatible with smart things.

Problem is here in Australia there doesn’t seem to be many options. All the ones I have found are US based or not compatible with smart things (Deta)

Mainly want lights to be able to be controlled via the actual switch, smart things app and Google home voice command. I can’t go the globe option as we have around 30 down lights.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


Welcome! :sunglasses:

Do you have the Samsung SmartThings ™ hub? And if so, which model? Or are you looking for something to work in a hub-optional configuration?

Also, almost all smart switches require a neutral wire to power the radio. But not all Australian homes have these at the switchbox. (That’s also true in the US and UK for older homes.) if you don’t have a neutral wire at the switchbox you would either have to have an electrician add one or you will have a much smaller selection of devices to consider.

Assuming you have one of the newer SmartThings hubs that supports zigbee 3.0 , and that you have a neutral at the switchbox, the following brand of zigbee switch, Nue, works pretty well with SmartThings. The switch works just like any physical switch even if smartthings is not working. Integration with google home or Echo is through smartthings. It may require a custom DTH which is available from the manufacturer, I’m not sure if that is still needed.


Get one first to try at someplace where you can return it if necessary, as some people have reported that depending on the wiring of their home it may make an annoying buzz. But others don’t have any difficulty with it. So you may just have to try it and see.

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Hi @JDRoberts appreciate the time you took to reply.

We do have a neutral wire thankfully, and the smart things hub we have is the one in this link

Or the model number is ET-WV525BWEGAU.

I have just ordered one switch, I can’t find anywhere that stocks them physically so if it doesn’t work I’ll just give it away.

Not sure what DTH is or how to integrate it into smart things because Nue isn’t listed in the brand’s of the smart things app but I’ll do some research.

Actually now I’m not sure if we have a neutral wire.

This is one of the switches.

I believe the black wire is usually neutral in a standard Australian home, but honestly I’m not sure. We do have some community members in Australia, hopefully some of them will chime in soon.

Might be worth looking at the Stitchy range from M-Electronics.

They are an Australian firm making a range of Zigbee modules designed to be fitted behind standard light switches. Being Zigbee they should work with Smartthings although you also have another possible approach as they also link to a Philips Hue bridge which in turn can be controlled via Smartthings.

I am based in the UK and from my perspective here I would actually say Australia has more choices than us poor neglected pommies.

Not only do you have the aforementioned Stitchy products but Legrand a French company also make a decent range of smart switches for Australia and America. (They seem to have zero offerings for the UK.)

I believe Fibaro a Z-Wave option is available in Australia and Fibaro micro modules have an excellent reputation. (Fibaro are available also in the UK.) My own aversion to Fibaro is that it is Z-Wave and hence not able to directly link to HomeKit as well as Smarttings. Stitchy via a Philips Hue bridge is currently exposed to HomeKit as well according to their website.


Has anyone tried the Arteor Netatmo (Zigbee) switches? They sell their own hub, but then that hub won’t work with anything else.


I’ve seen the Nue switches online, I’m thinking of ordering one but I’m not convinced of the quality.

I’ll have a look at Stitchy as well.


I have put a bunch of these in in Adelaide, AU and thankfully no issues with the Buzzing others have reported. Some of my switch recesses have neutrals and some don’t. Where they don’t I put for the in wall or in ceiling controllers.

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Yes, Black is mostly Neutral, but can also be used in some straight switching configurations, ie from switch to light fitting.

Yes it looks like the black in that config is neutral.