What is this? “Device Controller” message

Just recently all my devices in the ST App are showing I need to download a device controller in order for me to select that specific device. I have not seen this before so am confused (what is it?) if I should proceed with the download and if so will I need to do this for each device or just one time? Here is screenshot from my iPhone from what I see when I select a device. Thanks.


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It’s a bit of code that the smartthings app uses to control the way the device information is displayed in the app.

Whenever there’s an update to that code, you will get that message.

So you might not see the message for a particular device for a year or more, or you might see it a couple of times in a week if they are fixing bugs.

It’s not updating the device itself, just the displayed controls in the app.

We were just talking about this in the forum a couple of weeks ago.

Got it. Thanks so much.

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