Click on device in app, message pops up, "Update is needed"

Does anyone know what this message means?

When I click on a device, I got a popup that said, “Update is needed”

I clicked yes to update.

Additionally, I get a notification on my iphone that my smartthings hub is now connected. Was that a coincidence? Or did the update cause this to happen?

The way device display works in NewApp is different than classic. Sometimes your app needs to pull down a ‘device controller’ to display things properly. (That’s what you were prompted for…) This message is saying - hey I need some additional code to display that. By allowing the app to pull down and update the device controller code you allowed the app to display the device properly. It should only happen occasionally but could happen anytime a controller is updated.

As for the hub suddenly coming back online - that’s likely something completely different and unrelated.