What is the sensor "configure" tile for?

Can anyone tell me what the Configure button (tile) below is meant for? I can’t find anything at all that mentions it .

“Configure” is typically the term used to set parameters that are stored in a device itself. For example, for a motion sensor, you might be able to change the reporting. So that it reports every two minutes versus every minute. (Which might reduce false alarms and extend battery life).

For a lighting device, you might be able to change the rate at which the light dims as it turns off. Or whether the status light LED is lit.

For a siren, you might be able to change the specific siren sound.

What you can change will vary by both the device and the specific “device type” profile being used.

Normally clicking on a configure tile will bring up a screen or menu with a choice of what you can set. But again that will vary by the exact device type profile being used.

Some device types may only send the configuration instruction to the device without allowing you to change anything through the mobile app. In those cases you would have to go into the device type itself through the IDE to edit the parameters been sent.

Not all devices, or all device types, allow for configuring options in this way. It’s probably used most often with multi sensors.

I see that tile in my Aeon multi-sensor device, but when I select it nothing happens. Is this worth a support ticket?

Is it an official device type? Or custom?

If it was a community created device type, you should get in touch with the author.

If it’s official device type, then you can ask support.

It’s an official Aeon Multisensor device type. I’ll go ahead and submit the ticket and see what I find out.

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Typically, the Configure tile may prompt the device to send information to the hub about the device, but you will NOT get any screen indication of this communication.


The configuration tile is device specific and the details of what it does could be found in the device type code/manufacturer’s documentation. You can read more about this capability by following this link:



Thank you all, now I know somehting about it.

As follow-up, I got a response from ST support regarding the Aeon Multisensor configure tile:

“The configure button is basically a refresh button. When not all the Aeon sensor’s data is shown, the configure button can be used to retrieve lost or new data. The tile does not actually open anything, simply sends a command to the sensor.”

Seems like they could’ve just named the tile “Refresh” and prevent the confusion.


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