Update configuration of Aeotec multisensor with new app

I’ve had a few Aeotec Multisensors since the time of the classic ST app, and everything has been fine. I just added one more, but there does not appear a way to send configuration settings from the new app to the sensor. ST Classic had a “Refresh” tile that would send updated settings down to the sensor, but the new app seems to be missing this option. So… how does one send configuration settings in the new app?

The equivalent of a refresh tile in the new app is a pull down action from the top of the page like refreshing a web page.

Was it a Refresh tile though, or was it a Configure tile? Configure is more typical for sending configuration settings, whereas Refresh is more about receiving the device status. I can’t recall seeing a Configure button in the new app but usually handlers and drivers are written to send the settings as soon as they are updated anyway.


You’re right, “Configure” is what I meant. I’m using erocm123’s device handler (SmartThingsPublic/aeon-multisensor-6-advanced.groovy at master · erocm123/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub), which I think showed the orange dot on the “Configure” tile whenever the config was not updated on the sensor (although it’s been years and I don’t remember 100%, the tile obviously doesn’t show up in the new app).