What is the Nest Thermostat Device Type?

I was creating a new device from the API menu, and I noticed that there is a selection for a Nest Thermostat device type. Is that just some legacy item out there from previous support? I added it to my location just to check it out, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to configure it.

I know there’s a custom device type out there in the community, but I’m curious on the origin of this one.

And one with the tile int he right place so it shows up correctly. The one I’m using shows the humidity level.

[quote=“fightingmajor, post:2, topic:22201”]
The one I’m using shows the humidity level
[/quote]Hm. You used to be able to change this pre 2.0 app, but I am not seeing how to change it in the app with 2.0.

Not sure I follow the 2 comments here. Are you guys talking about the option that’s automatically in the list, or something you added as a custom device type?

Specifically, I’m just wondering if that Nest selection that is in my list of Device Types (from the API Add New Device Menu) is something that’s still usable, or just there for legacy support.

Same issue here. I never had a V1, but I’m on V2 and when I add the device I see no way to configure my user account via the phone app or web api interface. I’m a bit bummed because I like this layout better than the community developed one.