Nest Not Showing as Thermostat

First - thank you @dianoga for the Nest Device! I was able to get it setup and it appears functional as a device.

However, when I go to add an App (e.g. “Thermostat Window Check” by @imbrianj or the default “Keep Me Cozy” app) I’m not able to select one of my Nest tstats as a Thermostat.

Is there anything else I need to do to get them to show up?

Did you select Thermostat in the list of capabilities? If you did, then it should be available.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I thought I did, but I guess not as it’s showing “none” for capabilities. Any way to change that without recreating the device type?

OK, I created a new device type and made sure to select the Thermostat capability. If I save it with the generated code and go to the “My Device Types” view, it displays the capability.

However, when I copy your code from GitHub and paste it in, save, and publish it, the capability gets dropped. I tried it a couple times and noticed the same behavior each time. Am i doing something wrong here?

I added the following after line 64:

	definition (name: "Nest", author: "") {
		capability "Thermostat"

		attribute "presence", "string"

		command "away"
		command "present"
		command "setPresence"

Seems to be working better now.

This is happening to me. I tried the change @ridz did, with no luck.

ifttt doesn’t look like it does thermostats. Am I missing something?

But what about Temp? Or Presence? Nest does both of those.

You would need to add the appropriate capabilities. Also, it’s presence isn’t done to match the presence capability. That will be fixed when I build using the official api.

capability "Actuator"
capability "Relative Humidity Measurement"
capability "Temperature Measurement"
capability "Thermostat"
capability "Sensor"

Oh, AWESOME. Thanks @Dianoga!

That did it, Temp now shows up in IFTTT. :smiley: