Nest Not Showing as Thermostat

(Ridiz) #1

First - thank you @dianoga for the Nest Device! I was able to get it setup and it appears functional as a device.

However, when I go to add an App (e.g. “Thermostat Window Check” by @imbrianj or the default “Keep Me Cozy” app) I’m not able to select one of my Nest tstats as a Thermostat.

Is there anything else I need to do to get them to show up?

(Brian Steere) #2

Did you select Thermostat in the list of capabilities? If you did, then it should be available.

(Ridiz) #3

Thanks for the quick reply!

I thought I did, but I guess not as it’s showing “none” for capabilities. Any way to change that without recreating the device type?

(Ridiz) #4

OK, I created a new device type and made sure to select the Thermostat capability. If I save it with the generated code and go to the “My Device Types” view, it displays the capability.

However, when I copy your code from GitHub and paste it in, save, and publish it, the capability gets dropped. I tried it a couple times and noticed the same behavior each time. Am i doing something wrong here?

(Ridiz) #5

I added the following after line 64:

	definition (name: "Nest", author: "") {
		capability "Thermostat"

		attribute "presence", "string"

		command "away"
		command "present"
		command "setPresence"

Seems to be working better now.

(Travis Roy) #6

This is happening to me. I tried the change @ridz did, with no luck.

(Brian Steere) #7

ifttt doesn’t look like it does thermostats. Am I missing something?

(Travis Roy) #8

But what about Temp? Or Presence? Nest does both of those.

(Brian Steere) #9

You would need to add the appropriate capabilities. Also, it’s presence isn’t done to match the presence capability. That will be fixed when I build using the official api.

capability "Actuator"
capability "Relative Humidity Measurement"
capability "Temperature Measurement"
capability "Thermostat"
capability "Sensor"

(Travis Roy) #10

Oh, AWESOME. Thanks @Dianoga!

(Travis Roy) #11

That did it, Temp now shows up in IFTTT. :smiley: