Help setting up Nest Thermostat

I’m still in the process of getting my SmartThing HUB up and running. I should also state I am not a programmer but most of the time I can figure most things out. With that said I am trying to get my Nest Thermostats configured by following the directions at this link

I’ve configured the device type and published it so I see it in my list. Also I have created a new device, I’m assuming I will have to create a device of each of my 2 Nest Thermostats.

The issue I’m having is finding where I fill in my information i.e. serial number of my Nest’s as outlined in step 4. The only edit button I see does not have a field for me to fill in my Nest’s serial number. Also I’m not seeing a Preferences button so at this point I’m lost.

Thanks in advance for the help.

which nest device did you install? The built in one (which has the issues you described) or the one at the link you provided?

You could also try my smartdevice update to that code at

You will need IDE access and ability to create new DeviceType

If this is not something you want to do, I’d suggest waiting for official Nest API support, which hopefully is coming soon. All these other Nest drivers use unofficial access to Nest.

I have access to the develop hub and can create a new device type for all that helps. With support’s help they created a new device type which allowed me to add a new device and see the “missing preferences” panel. So I’ve moved on to adding my Nest Protects however I’ve come across the same problem, no preference pane is there. So I can not add my login and MAC address information. There has to be a step missing or something I don’t have the rights too. If I did not have the rights to create a new device type would that cause the problem of the preference not showing up when viewing the device?

The instructions I am following are from the following link

I can’t understand why ST doesn’t allow users to create devices and share them with other users to avoid everyone having to create new device types. It would make the process of adding new devices support or not much easier for their users.

This must be their attempt to avoid a lawsuit.

Just curious…what updates did you make to your code from @Dianoga’s? version?

I’m getting my Nest tomorrow just want to make sure I load the right device here since it seems like there is a built in one, @Dianoga’s and yours

Some UI changes and accuracy of temp, etc. the gist at github will show you exactly the code changes I made.

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I am not understanding this statement.

You want to create and share devices but not as device types? We are building THE platform for the building and sharing of devices with others. That is sorta the whole point of SmartThings.

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@Ben There is a list of approved devices that can easily be added via you app without having to go to the developer dashboard and create a custom device type and then the device you want to add, think Nest Thermostats. Clearly the work has already been done by others. What I was suggesting is allowing the community to publish devices so others users don’t have to struggle with add the same devices.

Keep in mind not all your users are developers, speaking for myself I’m in Sales while I do consider myself fairly technical. I am struggling with adding new device types/devices to my dashboard (Nest Protect). Even if these devices aren’t officially supported by ST this should have the effect of making it easier for folks like myself to integrate more of our devices around our homes.

Does that make sense?

They do support community publishing. It’s just very new and (currently) very slow to get new things out the door as they need to be sure of their approval processes.

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As @Dianoga states, you can publish for review and publication from the IDE site. As pointed out elsewhere - we need a Getting Started Guide for this sort of stuff so it isn’t so “make your own way”. But this is what we are working toward.


Were you able to get this working? I am having the same problem as you. If so, what did you do to fix it?

Yes and No, I contacted support and they deleted the device type and added it for me then magically I had the option to edit the preferences as the instructions stated. I’ve since tried to add another custom device (Nest Protect) and had the same problem. I can only assume either I’m missing a step or more likely there is something about my account that is not allowing me to “really” add custom devices.

The must frustrating part of this is that the SmartThings team still hasn’t addressed why some of us don’t see this preference window when adding new device via custom devices types. If I don’t have access for some reason just tell me that’s the case. Again I’m assuming but I’m sure they don’t really want to deal with all the support requests that come along with allowing everyone the ability to custom devices. If I was them I wouldn’t want to open those flood gates.

Sorry for the long answer but clearly this is something I’m not quite over yet.

It looks like the code listed here

Shows a preferences function but the imported device type is missing it. Can you look at your nest device type and tell me if they may have added that for you?

Yes they seem to have added it for me. Frankly I’m not sure I’m going to keep the Nest integrated as I prefer to use the Nest app, better user interface in my opinion.

I am hoping to integrate it with window sensors so any window left open will turn the thermostat off. My wife works from home and on numerous occasions has opened a window while leaving the air on.

I’m having the same problem of not being able to see preferences in order to enter serial number, etc.

Has anyone figured out how to fix this problem? I don’t want to have to have Smartthings support fix it for me each time like the person earlier in the post.

I didn’t see the problem commented on specifically by anyone from Smartthings earlier in the post, any chance one of you could pipe in?

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Seems to be an issue… I’ve asked support for help we will see how long it takes. Even worse for me, the web site to add new devices and Device Types is so slow and fails most of the time. Hoping for a resolution soon.

UPDATE - I got it working. Do everything except the final step on the web. once the device is listed go to your iphone or android, and complete the setting in the preferences on your phone.

I’m here having the same issue(s) others have had. Here’s the problem.

No one is being clear on where to enter the final missing pieces of information.

It says “press edit next to preferences” but doesn’t say where to find preferences (on the moon? On your phone? on the ST web?). Also there’s no “edit” button.

What is the name of the field where you enter the info? If it’s preferences on the phone app then I only see “device name” which doesn’t seem to be the right place for a serial number.

No offense but clearer instructions for the end steps would be most welcome and would resolve most of the issues people are having with integration I’m sure.


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Has anyone any further information on this? I am having the exact same issue. I can create it, but it never shows the preferences tab in the IDE. It does in the App, but the only setting that can be changed is the device name.