What is the correct phone number format for receiving text messages


I have been trying to configure Smartthings to send text alerts to my phone when certain triggers activate.

So within the appropriate Smart App (i.e. “Notify me when”), I have tried the following Phone Number formats in the phone number field, however, none are working… (Push notifications work fine, however, as I am abroad a lot, I dont want my mobile eating roaming data)

Formats used so far … but not working:
For example if my mobile number is 084 12345678

003538412345678 (no spaces)
+3538412345678 (no spaces)

With both formats above, no text alerts have been received to date

I am based in Ireland, would this have anything to do with it?



I use +44 and then drop the leading 0 from the phone number and it works fine in the UK.

I would of thought +353 should work. Have you tried 353 and drop the leading 0 but dont use the +

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SmartThings uses Twilio to deliver the text messages. Phone numbers need to be in E.164 format. Here are examples:

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Thanks for the reply’s and your help folks, starting to see text notifications coming through now on some of the smart apps, using the +353 … and then drop the leading zero format of the number. Just need to double check all of the smartapps to ensure that they all follow the same format now, as some we set up using the 00353 format …