Send Text Message (UK Dialing Code)

Does SMS work in the U.K.?

I’m trying to use the “additionally, also send a text message to:” option but I’m getting the message. I’ve tried entering my mobile number directly and also using 00447… but neither work.

Yes it works in the U.K.

You need to enter 44 at the start. So if your number is 01234 567890

It’d be 441234567890


Do you have to enter the + sign?

That was if Robin, added the + sign and I got the message. Thanks. Is there anyway to get it to trigger a few minutes before I get home or .5 mile away from home? I didn’t get the message until I was at the front door.

Does is use the location that was set when I first installed the app, would increasing the range solve this?

Also when I left the house after a mile or so I’d still not received the message to say I’d left. I opened the SmartThings app and I suddenly got the message. Any fix for this as I assume I shouldn’t need to open the app?

The other thing is there appears to be 2 ways to do this (send SMS when I leave and arrive).

  1. Automation-routine-perform routine when everyone leaves-Advanced options-additionally also send a text message.

  2. Automation-SmartApps-SmartThings recommends-Notify me when-departure of/arrival of.

I couldn’t get the first method to work but the second worked ok but with the delay.

Why is there two ways to do this and which is the recommended method?

Many thanks Robin. Still have lots to learn I think.