What is “quick control”?

In my list of Automations I have a quick control,
How do I edit /delete this and where did it come from.

You can not delete them at this time.

When you open a device in the new app, there is a section where you can enable Power on or Power off and set times. When you do, a Quick Controls section appears in the menu > Automations (at the bottom) with those timers.

My app (Android) follows the Quick Controls with a note explaining they are created on the details page for the devices and you just need to tap on them to change them.

Unfortunately it spoils things by showing a Quick Control that isn’t actually activated.

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If you desperately want to remove them, you can, but you have to delete the device to do it, so it’s probably not worth the trouble.

Could you share a screenshot of these? I don’t think I have them …?

Thx!!I have them, just didn’t realize that if I set it on the device side, it shows up as a temporary automation.

Unfortunately it is not temporary at this point. Once you use the timer, it creates the quick control which can not be removed from the Automation section. Hopefully it is something ST will address.

Are you sure? I turned off the timer and it went away.

Never sure but my images above, the quick action is still there even though the timer is disabled.

Weird! Bug report?

Yes, done that

Oh I tested with the timer, not power on /off.

It showed up for the timer, but went away when I turned it off .

I’ve got the same issue, basically once you set up an spot-on or off schedule, you can never delete it.

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Thank you Gary F. because that works.