"Quick controls" - need to delete one

The Quick Controls section under Automations shows a scheduled action for a device that doesn’t have an action scheduled - or at least not on the device’s own page. It does take part in the Sunset and Sunrise built in automations. Any way to get rid of this entry?

No way to remove them that I have seen

Wow, that’s really annoying. I just tried that with my under-cabinet lights and saw the exact same behavior you’ve described. I had to completely delete the device to remove the quick control.

Can someone help me out here, what is quick control. I don’t see it on my app.

When you open a device in the new app, there is a section where you can enable Power on or Power off and set times. When you do, a Quick Controls section appears in the menu > Automations (at the bottom) with those timers.

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Nice catch @jkp I hadn’t noticed that.

Ugh…I was filling around with automation in the new app V3 and created a Power On in the device section. Then a new “Quick controls” showed up in the Automations with no way to delete it!

SmartThings people – are you KIDDING ME? There’s no warning I’m creating something I cannot delete and now it clutters up my Automations??? That’s nuts.

It has to be an oversight rather than a deliberate feature, but I wish they’d address it asap in an update!

A good product manager wouldn’t start any development team working without a requirements document. This is such an obvious requirement that I cannot believe it is an oversight. They had to have known about this bug and released it anyway. That’s just my humble opinion.

I found a way to do this! For each activity control that doesn’t have “example…” underneath the control as shown on the device page, turn that control on and edit the control as follows: turn off every day so it says it will only happen once, change the activation time to a minute from the current time, save and close. When that time occurs in a minute, that quick control functions once and it is now removed from the automation screen.

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Thanks, Gary!!!

Press and hold the quick control. Click delete.
The description on quick controls does not show so I deleted them all and made automations.