Problem with Zigbee plugs and Switches (since 18 March 2021)

My zigbee plugs and switches (installed behind the light switch) stopped working yesterday around 18h. Going to the APP and IDE, all of them appear as “online”.

All other devices work fine. Even other zigbee devices (thermometer, motion sensor, open/close sensor).

Using the app, or even Webcore, I can’t turn them on or off.

When I try to turn on the device, the message “A network or server error has occurred. Try again later” is displayed.

If I go to the plug and press the on button, the plug appears as online in the app and in the IDE log! So the interaction from the device to the Smartthings system is working fine. My problem is the interaction from the Smartthings system to these specific types of zigbee devices.

Is there any issue with smartthings? Or can anyone help me resolve this issue?

A simple reboot did the trick…

I have rebooted my hub several times since last night and my Zigbee Devices are still unresponsive.

These devices show as online, however when I send commands, they do not respond. In reviewing the logging events, none are showing up.

Same here - a bit of trial and error shows (after a reboot)

Switches dont work, but are logged
Bulbs cannot be turned on, but light groups can!?!
Automations (such as motion sensor can turn on bulbs)

Assuming its not just me…

Yea none of the automations (Zigbee devices) are having any effect on the devices for me. They show they execute but the devices do not respond.

I’m having the same issue. Seems to be isolated to locally run devices (zigbee bulbs, light strip controllers, in-wall switches). They show up as online but they are not responding to any commands (in-app, actiontiles, alexa) and I get a network connection error in the app. Again, it shows up as online in the app, IDE, AtionTiles. I’ve tried every trick other than removing and re-adding the device with no luck. I’ll try that as a last resort, I don’t want to have to rebuild a bunch of automations.

A side note, my whole system has been laggy since yesterday, 3/18/2021. Smart Lighting automations, specifically the mirror automation, was super slow. It has taken up to 30 - 60 seconds for devices to respond to commands from the app or Alexa.