What F just happened? 12:12ET May 10

Litterally every device in my house just turned on, and now about 30% are showing as unavailable. Not just Zigbee bulbs, Z-wave switches, cameras " everything".

And ST’s party line on something like this it’s the devices. What a joke.

My gardenspots randomly turned on today. That’s never happened before.

This wasn’t just GardenSpots. Yes GardenSpots too, but beyond that. This was GE Z-wave switches, dimmers, fan controllers, Hue lights, Harmony changed channels, Nest cam started streaming. Those are just the things I noticed.
Complete Poltergeist, Gremlins, ghost in the machines, SkyNet moment

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Is it possible you had a momentary power outage? A lot of devices will turn on after power is returned. I looked at your hub logs and we aren’t sending on commands. Are you using batter backup on the hub? I see a disconnect, which would be consistent with your router losing power and thus connection to the cloud, but if you were using battery backup we would stay powered.

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No effect on my setup. Routines and lights are working here in NYC.

Zwave switches typically retain their previous state from before the power outage, they will not turn on because of a power outage/restore cycle. It’s one of the reasons that people will choose those switches for bedrooms over zigbee lightbulbs. You can find much discussion of this in the forums.


After Google’s new AI demonstration the other day, my money’s on this.


Sorry @Zach_Varberg, but I have never seen a power burp cause Z-wave devices to change state, cameras to start streaming or Harmony to change TV channels. LOL
My bet is on SkyNet or Gremlins.


If the television stayed powered on throughout, but the channel just changed, then it wasn’t a power outage.

I have personally had the SmartThings/Harmony official integration randomly trigger different activities from time to time during various platform poltergeist events, as I’ve reported in the forums. None were associated with power outages.

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Went home for lunch and the dishes were washed so there is DEFINITELY something strange going on…:eyes::eyes:


Just had to have some fun with this :wink:


is all that stuff connected to Alexa? I wonder if she is to blame…

I’ve had my master bathroom light unexpectedly turn on but I am guessing it was due to webcore not receiving status of a device until much later and a piston I had to change level after a certain hour would get triggered when status finally reached it thus turning on the light… otherwise I too have a poltergeist living in my master bathroom who apparently likes to occasionally turn on my bathroom light at around 10-11pm.

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Perhaps unrelated, but in just the last day or two, practically all my z-wave switches, motion sensors, etc. have stopped responding even though the IDE says that they are online and active. A couple of z-wave plugs worked but only after about a 2 minute delay. Z-wave repair didn’t help, rebooting the hub didn’t work either. My zigbee devices are still working though. I must’ve jinxed it because I was thinking how smooth thing were working lately.

Are you sure, it was your home

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For sure the GoControl ZWave bulbs that I have, (about 18 months old), come on after a power loss at full power.

Yes, most smart bulbs do, but many Wall switches and pocket sockets do not. :sunglasses:

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A power outage isn’t going to have a wave go through the house. Power outage is not going to change channels on the TV. This wasn’t a power issue. A “wave” went through the house turning devices on over a period of probably 30 seconds or so.

Was anything listed in the “Recently” tab for the devices that got turned on? Anything in the IDE logs? Do you have webcore pistons that may have triggered this as in my case described above?

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