Visited by poltergiests on Halloween

Well…my luck ran out.

While out with a friend the spooks ran amuck in my basement laundry room…triggering lights on and off that otherwise can only be done by opening 1 of 2 doors into the room. I played light switch ping pong with them remotely for awhile and finally won.

Once home I found my stairs motion sensor wouldn’t work. 1 hub reboot and battery pull later that was working again.

When time for bed my goodnight routine would not turn my lights off. I had to do so individually.

During the night I learned my bathroom motion sensor passed away and still has not resurrected.

Lastly, my good morning routine set to trigger at 6 triggered at 5.

I sent a support ticket to Ghostbusters and hoping I don’t get slimed in the interim.


So…did all of my z-wave devices get blessed with holy water or something? If zigbee is so great how come it’s the only protocol so easily possessed?


I have 2 Zigbee devices and they both went nuts then unresponsive Friday at 9:26AM EST. I know this as that was the last update in the log I had from both and they were at the same exact time. They started working again later in the evening and I found out that ST was doing a system update so I chalked it up to that. Have you rebooted your hub lately? I was also unable to pair any new devices during that time on Friday.

I’m surprised I have not worn out the micro USB jack from all the reboots. Thinking about wiring in a reboot toggle switch lol.

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This sounds remarkably like my experience last Saturday. I learned (the hard way) last week that my zibbee devices need to be power cycled if the state changes while hub is rebooting. So if your motuon sensor was active when the hub went down, then you will need to take the battery out of your sensor and put it back in. As for the other issues, rebooting hub is the first step, if that doesn’t work, then you need to go in (each) app and click done. If that doesn’t fix your problems, than uninstall and reinstall your app should do it. And that applies to both routines and Smart Apps. Good luck getting back on track!

You are laughing, but I did end up putting the hub on a Wemo outlet after rebooting my hub twice per day last week.

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LOL! Yep!’re right! That did make me laugh out loud.

I’m back on track. This is the 1st time ever my issues went further than g.e. link bulb shenenigans.

I’ve never had a gen 2 smart sense motion sensor issue or any other zigbee related issue aside from bulbs.

…as a result of all this I now have a strange hankering to watch the Ghostbusters movies in honor of my new house guests :grinning:

So my good morning routine triggered twice…assuming that’s daylight savings time related.

I’ve seen issues with my Zigbee devices as well… Mostly not reporting correct status. It has happened with 3 of the 4 zigbee devices I have.

It was after Halloween, but my dining room lights, which are controlled by a Z-wave switch, turned off unexpectedly this morning. The only ST app they’re tied to is when the house is set to away, which wasn’t the cause in this case. It made my 5 year old daughter quite excited. :smiling_imp:

I haven’t had any issues with my zigbee devices until last Saturday when presence sensor started acting up and many of my devices got stuck and had to power cycle them. Didn’t even have issues with GE link bulbs before.

My Zwave lock unlocked itself, no reason, last night. My Zigbee sensor failed the day before. My mode change (no device) failed in the morning in between.

It’s not the devices. Or the protocols.

" Glad " to see that I am not the only one whose house has decided to revolt against its inhabitants the last week or so.
Started off simple, not turning on the hall or stairway lights ( I assume hoping I would fall down the stairs).
New one tonight was " Alexa turn on the back yard lights" , " That command doesn’t work on that device. " . I think the house was again hoping I would fall down the stairs. I win the wall switch still worked.

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Add me to the list of folks with paranormal activities. The stability since the “big update” has been atrocious. I continue to have all sorts of issues. The latest, my presence sensors seem to be traveling to the other side and randomly reappearing having never really left.

I hope the gremlins have had their fun and will now leave me alone.


Join the club, unfortunately for you, I am happy that poltergeist didn’t just pick my sensor. I thought that mine went bad, but apparently not. Thanks for sharing your paranormal activities!

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That’s all I’m saying

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My Zigbee devices (only) have started acting weird lately. I have a ST Multi on my garage which was not reporting correct state - After unplugging hub for 15 mins//it has been working fine. Next it was my refrigerator’s contact sensor - Did nothing and it suddenly started reporting correctly . Today its one of the Zigbee motion sensors that is stuck in ‘Motion’ since morning. Killed the device battery, did not help. Now killing the power on hub again and checking…

Was there any update to the Zigbee firmware version on the hub lately? Does anyone have a before/after snapshot from today vs 2-3 weeks back?

Was wondering the same thing, but it seems like zigbee devices were affected in some fashion by the poltergeist. Last week I had strange things going on with many of my zigbee devices, but for some reason for the past 2 days everything has returned to normal. My barometer is my car’s presence sensor, which has been reporting arrivals without the car leaving my garage. It has stopped. Also had multiple false positive events recorded for some of my motion sensors. Those are working fine now too. Is like a tornado ran through and now things are going back to normal. Maybe there were changes but they have been reversed? Who knows, hope your activity returns to normal soon.

For future references:

So now the poltergiest have migrated to my z-wave switches which brings me to 1 conclusion…smart lights app

I know this was previously concluded elsewhere…just reinforcing that.

I came to the realization yesterday that ST had " forgotten/combined" the commands for all but one of my minimotes. It decided that all the minimotes now did the same thing. Of course I never noticed when I pushed a button on the basement minimote and " nothing happened" that the bedroom lights were actually responding.

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I continue to be plagued like the rest of you with ghosts… I made a discovery a little bit ago which lends weight to the Smart Light app summoning the demons…

I have a ticket open with support which I have shown how, at what appeared to be random times, multiple devices would wig out and report the prior state as new… Aka Doors which where closed, saying they where newly closed… Presence sensors reporting arrivals, even though they had not left… Etc…

One of the other problems I have been having is the Smart Lights app seeming to forget about some actions every so often. I had found that by “reinitializing” the routine it would start to work again…

Today I found another routine wasn’t working so I did what is sadly become a routine event (pun wasn’t intended) which was to “reinitialize” that action. It was then I noticed something odd… All the devices which have been plaguing me with fake status updates wigged out again… Finding the timing very odd… I made another change in the Smart Lights app… Bam, all of them wigged out again…

Now I have no idea why there is a correlation, but thought I would share the discovery. In pure speculation mode, I wonder that since the Smart Lights app is the only app that can run locally on the v2 Hub, that some bug in it is causing some sort of internal restart/crash in the hub, which in turn makes it forget the prior state of the devices in question.

This is all supposition at this point, and I hope ST support will come back with a real answer… But I find this more then curious and thought I would share.

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