What Edge driver for Inovelli dual channel outlet

What Edge driver for Inovelli dual channel outlet? I haven’t found one that works.

In the Inovelli forums their staff said a stock dual channel driver should work. A couple of people asked about it but nobody followed up to confirm whether that did it for them.

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo “Z-Wave switch and Child Mc” Edge Driver might work. I use it on my old Inovelli double plug after Mariano so nicely modified it so it would work.

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I installed them from the site, but they do not show in the list of drivers.

Is that the one that says (OLD) if not please provide link.

The drivers currently in their channel don’t include one for this plug - I meant the ST stock drivers, but I don’t know which specifically would/should work here.

Old would work for now, but you want the version without old. He released a new version in the past day or two. As SmartThings breaks thing Mariano quickly fixes his drivers.

Thanks, I hate having to stop using this dual channel plug.

What model? I have an Edge driver that supports the NZW-97, the outdoor dual outlet adapter. Its in final testing and @philh30 and I should be releasing it soon.

It is the indoor Z-Wave dual channel. I will love to try it once you launch it.

Follow… got two of these

Specifically, for the record, I have the NZW37 Inovelli Smart Plug 2 Channel Zwave Plus indoor switch.

Okay, just got it working for me. Removed from ST hub via go to app, remove device to enter exclusion mode, then on Innoveli device, cycle power button 5x quickly. This removed it with its old drivers. Next, add a device in the app, search by brand Inovelli, then the only option is light switch/dimmer… select it. It says to cycle power on device 3x but I did 5x. And it was properly recognized as an outlet, and I have control of both sides of the switch, and it shows as local. Hope this helps someone.

Isn’t the end result of switching to Edge not being able to rename each side of the switch, anymore (and not being able to revert)? Is there an advantage to Edge in this case? Is there a way to rename the sides?

It appears you are correct in that I see no way to change the names of the sides.

Routines can still control one side or another though. So maybe just create virtual switches to either side with the names you desire? This is an indirect approach of course, and frustrating that one must resort to roundabout ways to get what one wants, but this may work for you…

Virtual switch is much better than nothing!

Hi @sophware

If they are the inovelli devices that work with the stock driver then they could work with Zwave Switch and Child Mc driver and you could optionally create from preferences child devices for switch1 and/or switch2