[Edge drivers] Questions about multichannel drivers

@nayelyz , would it be possible to get a tutorial on multichannel edge drivers?

Hi, @Brannon-Z!

Are you referring to Z-Wave devices that support multichannel? And the CC mentioned in the docs?


Hey @nayelyz , thanks so much for getting back to me! That’s correct. Since the migration to Edge, I now have multiple GE ZW4105 devices that aren’t working properly. They each have an outlet that used to be individually controllable. So I’m trying to write a driver but I’ve been having terrible luck getting the multi-channel to work.

This is the product in question: manuals-backend.z-wave.info/make.php?lang=en&sku=28177/ZW4105&cert=ZC10-17105795

Hey @Brannon-Z,

Any luck getting you GE ZW4105 devices working. I’ve noticed mine stopped working a few months ago and I suspect the recent move to Edge Drivers may be the culprit. Seems like these devices are failing to add through the secure connect setup. Smartthings support mentioned that the logs indicate when the outlet device is onboarded it is not reporting that it supports S0 or S2 security protocols. Are your devices still functioning to some degree? Mine only report back status changes when I manually switch them on and off.