What do we call SmartApps using the new architecture?


Is there a term for the smartapps that use the new architecture versus the old ones that ran in the Groovy cloud?

It’s pretty easy to have the conversations around device type handlers versus edge drivers, but so far it looks like both before and after are called “smartapps.”

Is there an official term?

(Personally, I would be OK with calling them “second generation smartapps.“ but that was just my initial thought.)


I suspect that the engineering teams have official terms for stuff and some of this can be glimpsed in code and in comments in Pull Requests. The API reference, where a SmartApp is a Smart App, filters that a bit. There is then a bit of a leap to the developer documentation where stuff gets presented differently. Then there is the completely different planet that is the mobile apps where they just seem to make stuff up.

It does seem that SmartApp is the goto term.

A SmartApp can either be a Lambda SmartApp or a Webhook SmartApp, and if you do know which it is the extra detail will immediately differentiate it from a legacy SmartApp.

If the SmartApp is implementing a cloud device it may be better referred to as a SmartApp Connector. Something like STHM, which is technically a Webhook SmartApp, could perhaps more usefully be called a Service as can all the apps under the ‘Life’ tab.

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Hi, @JDRoberts!

Personally, I only call SmartApps the ones in the new platform and the others are Groovy/Legacy SmartApps.
But, there are other references like Graham mentioned, the API reference > Apps endpoint defines only two types of apps “Lambda”/“Webhook”:

Also, in some tutorials, they are called endpoint SmartApps:


I like it – it really is confusing since the API really isn’t an application. But “Endpoint SmartApp” makes some sense that is workable.

That appears to use yet a different terminology, and calls them just “apps,“ not “smartapps.“ but the parameter list says “smart_app.”

Denotes the type of app.

I don’t think it quite works to call the new generation “smartapps” and expect to call the old ones something else because of the literally hundreds of existing topics, blog articles, websites, videos, and old smartthings documentation that refers to the old ones as “smartapps.” so I think that would get really confusing to anyone Trying to research now.

I do like the term “endpoint apps.” I think it’s both different and descriptive.

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