The "OneApp" moniker. Avoid or not?

Super appreciate @vlad for creating this new “Mobile App / SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” forum Category: I’ve mentioned a few times that the significance of this “new” App is really, really being overlooked and underestimated

I think the new App is even more significant than the merged SmartThings Cloud!


  1. Is this the best Category to use for transitory questions between the SmartThings Classic App and the new App? Or should this Category be used for questions solely about the functionality of the new App and avoid mentions of SmartThings Classic at all?

  2. In the original (popular and still going strong Topic): SmartThings Classic vs SmartThings App, the term “OneApp” suddenly was introduced by @Vlad, and since I’ve never heard it before, I’m presuming it was created for internal use either before the official app name change and/or just because of shorthand convenience (or ?). If this term is not intended for Customers, then may I humbly suggest that we never, ever, never, use it in this public Community Forum? For many reasons, some number of “average consumer customers” use this Forum, and, well, it’s a fact that having 2 overlapping names for the 2 existing Apps is confusing enough without adding a 3rd name “OneApp” (and still, references to “Samsung Connect” too!). You all KNOW that there will be members who ask “WTF is OneApp?”! :confounded:


I’ll go and edit my posts - no need to call it OneApp - apologies for any confusion. Didn’t think about this when I made those posts.


I think you’re raising important points, but personally, I like the “OneApp” term both because I think it represents the philosophy of the new app and because I think it’s precise enough to survive whatever new name change Samsung is going to come up with, because I’m pretty sure they’re going to have a new name for it within the next two months. If somebody does ask a question we can just answer the question.

As far as what the new sub category is for, I don’t see that as an issue. We know people are going to ask transition questions, even people who have never been forum members before.

Given that it’s a subcategory, it can hold multiple threads, and I think the thread titles will be enough to avoid the kind of confusion you are concerned about.

What I would like to see happen, actually, is that there be two new subcategories:

SmartThings (Samsung Connect) for iOS
SmartThings (Samsung Connect) for Android


That the existing “iOS” and “android” subcategories be renamed:

SmartThings Classic for iOS
SmartThings Classic for Android

Because I think that’s what we have now. Four different potential screenshots for any one function.

But that’s just me. :wink:



I believe that it was mentioned that the name (I’m not going to add to calling that name out again) was what it is being called internally, but never the less, there is already such mass confusion just between the two apps already (SmartThings, SmartThings Classic, SmartThings (Samsung Connect), Samsung Connect, SmartThings New App, yada yada yada).

If there is one thing that I know, it takes one post to spin things out of control causing more chaos for weeks at a time and community members to try and correct or guide the rest of the community before hysteria sets in.

As an example for the new migration, there needs to be more transparency from SmartThings. It’s great that an Announcement was made with the FAQs for what people need to do and what to expect and how to go about certain things, but trying to be proactive here, ALL of us who participated in the Account Migration Beta know all of the manual tasks we had to perform post migration and I know that all of those issues were not resolved. With that being said, I suggested that you guys or the product side (I don’t care who does it) put out a Post Migration checklist so that people can quickly make any of those modifications I pointed out after they migrate to the new account, before they all come screaming and yelling about why this isn’t here, or this got deleted and then flooding Support with a ton of calls where proactively this can be done ahead of time with instructions to follow. This won’t eliminate everything, but it will cut down on the majority of people having issues and knowing where to go and what to do to correct the issues.

I bring it up here because this is the first step (and just as important) as being able to eventually use the new SmartThings app in the future when it’s 100% ready for all customers.

@vlad @Brad_ST


Super! I’ll try to edit my posts too.

Now if we could just get a Forum Administrator to do a global search and replace for all occurrences of the term “SmartThings App” to “SmartThings Classic App”, and “mobile App” to “Classic App”, for all posts prior to March 2018 - I’d be ecstatic.


I really love the “OneApp” term too, but entirely conditional love: ie, on the slmandatory condition that the “new” SmartThings App (formerly known as Samsung Connect) be never referred to as the “SmartThings App” or any variation with the words “SmartThings” and “App” in it, including in the Play and App Stores.

But, obviously, that did not and will not happen. :cry:


I agree as well, but to me that ship has sailed in being able to call it that now. This should have been the original name.

The whole Samsung Connect (original name of new app) I take big exception to because that name ties it to the product Samsung Connect Home and Home Pro (the mesh system). And now it’s called SmartThings (Samsung Connect) and yes although ALL Samsung Connect Home users need it to configure the router, knowing that this application was eventually going to be used by ALL SmartThings and Samsung users, the process for what the application would be called in the future or a different name of the Samsung Connect Home system. I understand that different departments are responsible for some of this, but the fact that the mesh system has the ST hub built inside of it, someone should have thrown up a flag to say HEY ALL, this is going to create a big bucket of …

Hindsight is 20/20 I guess. I really hope that someone gets in front of all this now. This is the opportunity to do so.

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Hope springs eternal. :laughing: … No way it’s going to get better before getting much worse.

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I also want to say before we get too far down whatever road we’re on that on February 1, 2018, they were already multiple apps including:

Samsung Connect

Several recent posts have implied that “Samsung Connect” only refers to the App That Shall Not Be Named, but there was a “Samsung Connect” app before, and people were using it, including some people in this forum. Anyone who had the “Samsung connect home” had to use it to set up the Wi-Fi router, and most people who had smart televisions also had it.

That’s why the official Samsung page now says:

Samsung Connect is now SmartThings.

In fact, there are still pages on the Samsung site referring to the original “Samsung connect” app, although the download links now take you to the new app.

Here’s a 2017 video of what the original “Samsung connect” app looked like:

We never had a forum section for that app, which is both good and bad, but there are existing forum references to “Samsung connect” which are referring to that one, not Voldemort. :wink:


So now we have SmartThings Classic and SmartThings New Coke. Wait, is that right?


I thought it was SmartThings and



Reading down through the thread i just dont see why anyone gets confused…


I believe this is the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app that is being repurposed or upgraded. There are over 100,000,000 downloads for this so I’m sure it does cover devices preloaded with it, but if it’s the same app that has been in place forever, those numbers make sense considering those with appliances.

Fumbling…Bumbling…Oh my…:face_with_head_bandage:

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It’s a great way for Samsung to bury any poor reviews of classic “SmartThings”.

  • The SmartThings Classic App has only 4,500 reviews (exactly 3.5 Stars per aria-label).
  • The new SmartThings App has 34,000 reviews (exactly 3.7 Stars).

It takes a lot more new reviews to sway the average of the latter App. Apparently Play Store Apps retain their review history even after a radical change in function and audience. :smirk:

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The new icon appears to be half disconnected devices… So at least that is right.


So much cleanup to do:

So if you do a Yahoo search for Samsung Connect app, you get the following two results:

Click on the first one:

Click on the 2nd one:

Click Download for Android on either one and it redirects you correctly to the one app :joy: two words.

Looks like they added a little flair to the download page with the pretty disconnected devices floating around SmartThings:

Was looking for what year Samsung Connect was actually first released.

This goes back to the end of March last year:

The ship beat a dead horse as it sailed.

Damage is done. Galant efforts to right the ship here but at this point the chips are just going to fall where they do.

That enough idioms?

I would not want to be in SmartThings support now or over the next 12 months.

Is that Samsung Connect Support or SmartThings Classic Support? Or maybe OneSupport?


It went into wide release with the galaxy S8, so 1st quarter 2017.

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So with that article and the one I posted above, this Samsung Connect app was planned for SmartThings all along. Just amazes me that all of this couldn’t have been coordinated and communicated in an entirely different way:

All the keywords they use: Simple, Simplify, Unified, Streamlined. :joy: They sure didn’t make use of these words when it came to communicating all of this:

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