What do I need to do when my bridge is offline?

It has been going on for 9 hours and I have rebooted and replaced ethernet cable…

Your hub? Contact support.

I am here because there is no support on a Sunday…

When you unplugged it, did you take the batteries out?

Yes I did… I have since fixed it… I discovered that it was an interaction between a switch and my router and perhaps the ST hub… for some reason my router was no longer letting the smartthings hub access the ports needed to contact the smartthings server cloud… I rebooted all 3, switch, smartthings (battery removal as well) and my router… this ended up resolving the issue. I think my old Linksys may be due for replacement. This is not the first time it has introduced a subtle error into my home network setup… oh, and I also ended up plugging the ST hub into the router vice the switch to avoid any potential issue going forward. However I don’t think the switch is the root cause. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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