Connection Failures via Switch

Today I moved my SmartThings Hub onto a Ethernet Switch. I did this to free up some ports on my Internet Router. I ran an Ethernet to the switch and plugged in my LightwaveRF, Hue and SmartThings hub. Everything was fine but tonight I had a Hub Offline error. I reconnected it to the Router and to came back.

Is there a problem with the connection setup via a Ethernet Switch?

Switch or Hub?

In some cases, I think the answer to your question is yes. From my experience at my house it seems ST has trouble getting back online in the event of a router reboot. My router reboots about once a day, but that’s another story. What I found was that ST going offline corresponded to these events and it wouldn’t come back up without a hub reboot.

Since I have 2 routers in operation I swapped the ST hub over to the other router and viola, no more problems. I’m just not sure if the issue is the way the switch recovers from a reboot or the way ST hub handles an interruption in service from the switch.

Interesting. I wonder if it has problems getting an IP address or if there’s a traffic collision somewhere with the Switch preventing its connection recovery.

I’ll keep and eye on this, it’s back into my Router now and it came and back.

I must say I am impressed how I got alerted by Push Notification the Hub was offline. Very nice!

If you every get a working theory about this behavior, let me know. From my perspective it is a hub issue as I have a large number of devices both wired and wireless in my home and only the ST hub has ever done this.