What did you buy for Prime Day 2019?

I didn’t get anything big, but lots of small stuff on around a 30% discount. Plus the $10 off from Whole Foods and five dollars off from a gift card purchase.

Echo Show 5 for my brother

Switchbot Hub and 2 button pushers

Echo Clock for the kitchen (we needed a new clock and I like the timer display feature)

Third Reality zigbee Switch

Some batteries, some cables

A dog crate

Almost bought another iPad this morning, but the deal was sold out before I got to it. Probably a good thing. :wink:

Still following a bunch of stuff but so far, so good.


I bought zero, nada, nothing :slight_smile:


Few zooz switches. 4 sengled colored bulbs. And a fitbit aria hr.


Traded in a couple of the original Gen1 Firesticks for 4K Firestick and FireCube. I love my Nvidia Shield, but just can’t get myself to like the Chromecast with its strictly phone app & GA casting.
I also got some Dawn and a new paper shredder since mine has a couple of busted teeth and is constantly getting clogged.


4k fire stick for future garage TV, traded in gen 1 Dot for new dot, Kasa RGBW for testing out SmartThings new cloud integration with them, lutron maestro motion switch for the pantry, new battery for our Samsung Powerbot, and lots of tools for working on finishing my basement.


Show 5
Ecolink Motion Sensor
There are still more than 26 hrs left…


Not a thing. Been a bit of a disappointment thus far if you ask me


Lots of cat treats, some dice and a dice tray (yep, huge nerd getting ready to start a D&D campaign), a wireless charging pad for my car, micro sd card, and a CyberPower battery backup to use in the office on the cable modem, router, ST hub, and maybe the file server.

Thinking about getting the Luminoodle TV bias lighting today.


I have not made any purchases but I’m debating if I should pick up the Phillip’s hue lights, hub & strips. I’m still waiting to get my kitchen done (aug) and I still have to.go.over with my contractor the lights setup. He mentioned hard wiring everything & putting in led lights & I told him I wanted to setup the Phillip’s hue bulbs & strips. I’m just still unsure do I need color lighting in my kitchen. I hate to.buy things & then return them.


Couldn’t resist the Show (5) at $50

And a Dyson vacuum. Old reliable recently died.


I was really disappointed in it three years ago, when it seem like the discounts were all about 20% and they were on things like paper towels and Charging cords. Pretty boring.

Then last year, I realized that we could use paper towels and charging cords and 20% off was better than not getting 20% off. And I did find one big thing, a new ceiling fan, at about 35% off which seemed like a score.

So this year, before the date was announced, we started adding to a wish list for stuff that we buy all the time, or stuff that we want a few more of, and then we just monitor that to see if any of it comes on sale. And several things have, including the third reality switch that was on sale the first day.

So it hasn’t been a big super sale or anything like that, but we have saved at least $100 on things that we were going to buy anyway sooner or later.

So lower expectations, higher satisfaction, and a total savings of around $200. Nothing dramatic, but worth the time. :sunglasses:


After trading in Gen1 Echo the $50 Show 5 ended up being $4.41 for me. Agree with unresistable


Picked up a Ring floodlight (wired) bundle. Going to try it out & see if I want more in the future.


Can you link to the deal, I haven’t seen any discounts on the Flood Cam!

Lots of ring devices on prime sale but I haven’t been able to link to them, you just have to go to the Amazon site, go to the prime deals page and then look under echo devices and they will show up. It looks like they are not letting us link to “daily deal“ prices, probably because you have to be a prime member to see those.

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The FloodCam shows as the usual $249 for me:

Not sure if that 2 for $459 is the “sale”.

Not for the flood/camera. I just wanted the floodlight & hub combo.

I’m seeing deals, but you have to be signed in with a prime account:

I’m looking for the flood cam with dual lights + a camera. Although with these prices, I can buy the motion dual lights and a spotlight camera for less than the one O really want

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I bought a few more Lifx bulbs, a wifi socket that has controllable coloured led strip around the edge (want to see if I can use to indicate if the Alarm Stay is set or not) and another zigbee socket (for no reason other than it was cheap).
What I really wanted was: x2 Smartthings buttons (or x2 more Logitech Pop switches, a x3 camera Arlo Pro 2 set and a Smartthings compatible night light. Unfortunately the discounts on those were not enough to tempt me (and I have found new on Ebay for cheaper!).
Will save my pennies now and start to convert my central heating to be Smart(things). Waiting for the new Honeywell Home range of Thermostats and Radiator Valves to be released. Should be any week now!