What can you do with the Sonos?

I’m sorta interested in the Sonos, but it ain’t cheap, that’s for sure. So before I take the plunge I’d be interested to hear what people are actually using SmartThings and Sonos for, and what exactly people are using Sonos for without SmartThings?

My family isn’t a huge music listening family… or, rather, not one that generally listens to music in a living room area. My kids each have a radio/CD in their room that they use occasionally. We have a radio/CD in the den that we RARELY use. My wife has an MP3 player for her workouts and I have my SmartPhone for my bus rides. So as far as using it just for the music end… I don’t know that we’d use it much.

But I’m sorta intrigued with the idea of using it as a “voice” for smartthings. Can you make it say specific things? Like if I write an app can I push a specific sound file to be played on the Sonos?

What other things can SmartThings tell the sonos to do?