SONOS abilities list?

Hey guys, I am trying to find a list of what SmartThings and SONOS can accomplish together, preferably without IFTTT.

I have come across so many single topics, and a lot of them end up using a Harmony Hub or IFTTT service with a bunch of other hardware/software.

Is there any consolidated list of what SmartThings can do, directly with SONOS?

I have an Amazon Echo, and am hoping to have simple commands and quick response, instead of everything being “trigger.”

Thanks in advance.

Check out my Alexa Helper app as this has a little bit of Sonos Integrations: [RELEASE] Alexa Helper

Sonos is a music play device.

Check this out:

If you go to Marketplace, SmartApps, Music and Sounds you will find the official apps for Sonos.

Hadn’t yet bought smartthings yet. Was hoping to validate the features prior to purchase.