Controlling Sonos/Spotify through Smartthings w/ Alexa

So I have finally everything set up the way I want it, walk in the house and say ONE command to Alexa, and everything turns on (Smart plugs, My Routine in Smartthings that turns on music in the living room through my Sonos + hue lights and I set up a group in Alexa to also turn on my smart plugs (patio lights, xmas tree, other non-hue lights) + scenes for the hue lights.

So, everything is good but I want to know if there is anyway where I can set a specific song to play in this scene/group/routine situation I have going on???

I have seen quite a few things discussed here about how Smartthings has basically killed the integration it used to have with Sonos but I’ve also seen people recently saying they DO have there Sonos integrated with Smartthings so I just wanted to ask the question. I apologize in advance if I’m not using the right terms or am just being stupid but I’m stumped at this point.

If someone could please tell me how I can control my music/sonos in more ways than just turning it on and playing the last some, I would very grateful. If this is not possible, is there an alternative to Smartthings that would make this possible?