What are you doing with fire TV

I just ordered a new Fire TV with Voice remote. What all are you doing with it? What can be done with Smartthings or home automation on screen? I have an Echo already and have the basic on off command for things, as well as building scripts to turn on netflix, hulu, turn of TV. But the question is what does Fire bring to the party? On screen controls? Notification?


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What do you mean scripts to turn on netflix etc? I tried Alexa once on my fire tv, which is in the same room as my Echo so not exactly useful, and it was slower to respond which I didn’t like.

I was thinking of moving the Fire TV to the bedroom and move my Roku 3 down, but I have the Echo remote in the bedroom, so that’s kinda pointless, would need the TV on to do basic things!

I guess I don’t see the point of having Fire TV use Alexa, and in no way would I want it to put notifications on screen. My cable company just put caller ID on the cable boxes, HOLY CRAP THAT SUCKS, turned it right off. I’m watching TV, NOTHING will disturb me! :slightly_smiling:

Unless it’s my cell phone of course…

Using rule machine and a couple virtual switches. I say Alexa turn on Netflix. Tv turns on app menu pops up Netflix is selected and then my profile selected. I say Alexa turn on Hulu. Netflix turns off menu pops up Hulu is selected.


How cool is that! Not sure how you do it but would you mind sharing? You are not talking about the app menu on your TV are you?

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Yeah I’d love to see that as well. My Roku and Harmony allow that, single command to Alexa or tap on ST or Harmony app fires them up, didn’t think I could manage that with the Fire TV!

Three virtual switches

  1. Living Room TV
  2. Hulu
  3. Netflix

Two Routines in Harmony

  1. To turn on TV and set it to Netflix (basic commands)
    Turn on TV
    Wait 5 seconds
    Pull up Smart TV menu
    Arrow over to Netflix
    Press Enter on netflix
    Wait 9 seconds for Netflix to fully load
    press enter to select my Profile

  2. Harmony Routine Hulu
    Same as netflix but for well Hulu

3 rules

  1. Turns everything Off
  2. Launches Hulu
  3. Launches Netflix

Ah so basically just Harmony routines with ST doing some of the delay work, nice, thank you!

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Thanks for sharing. To answer your original question. I have plex and Kodi installed on my fire tv and using the community smartapps. I can turn on/off lights when stop/play/pause.

I put one of the new fire TV in my car…so I could use Alexa to play music, audio books, and control smartthings just like at home using the echo. The fire TV has bluetooth out so it pairs with my ford sync. I mounted the remote at the end of the center armrest so its easy to push the button. She uses the wifi hotspot I had put in my car before, for internet access.


I am also interested in ideas for the fire tv, mine’s still in the box :slight_smile: – I didn’t get the voice remote version though. My initial target was to use Tinycam Monitor on the TV so I can view the camera feeds on the TV if I don’t feel like using the phone or tabelt.

I picked up a fire tv with voice remote and have been using it control my smartthings switches. Can be done by configuring it with the alexa app on android. As far as what else I just discovered this: http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Alexa_Helper
Haven’t tried setting it up yet though.

My first gen fire tv got the new update I think it’s called os5 anyhow it has the new Alexa feature and that’s nice however my movies and tv shows won’t load it’s a black screen just says loading. Anyone else having this problem?

I’ve had that a few times along with a new error on the Netflix app complaining of not having the right controller, still works, just have to click through. And then Netflix sometimes shows nothing once a show is selected. Alexa is not worth these headaches on this thing! :slight_smile:

I’m working on porting SharpTools over to the Fire TV (and Android TV):


Echo with Logitech home hub to turn on/off & switch apps w/ voice.
Web browser & Smarttiles to turn on/off switches from tv.
Justconnect+ App to view Dlink IP cameras.
Voice remote/iOS Fire TV app control switches in Smartthings w/ voice. (phone app comes in handy to voice control Smatthings from up stairs where the Echo cannot hear me)

Am I correct in understanding I can’t integrate Alexa with SmartThings with only the Fire TV? I need to have an Echo also?

if you get a voice Fire TV or Fire Stick you dont have to have alexa.

I have a brand new Fire TV with the voice remote.

there ya go it works with Smartthings