Alexa, Smartthings and Logitech problems (July 2018)

Recently I started having problems with Alexa and the Logitech. I could voice command Alexa to turn off FireTV using my Logitech Harmony as well as start it up. All of a sudden when I give the command Alexa says she is having trouble with Smartthings. I try my other commands like turning lights on/off that are connected through Smartthings and they all work. I’ve tried removing and then readding the Smartthings skill from Alexa but still no luck. Any ideas?

You can install the Logitech skill in Alexa and avoid ST all together if you want :slight_smile:

Multiple people have been reporting these problems since early this month. See the current active thread for discussion various workarounds:

Thanks for the replies. Read the thread and found the Alexa skill. Removed the Smartthings links for the Harmony and all works now with the Alexa skill.

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