Alexa, Smartthings and Logitech problems (July 2018)

(Joe Carlton) #1

Recently I started having problems with Alexa and the Logitech. I could voice command Alexa to turn off FireTV using my Logitech Harmony as well as start it up. All of a sudden when I give the command Alexa says she is having trouble with Smartthings. I try my other commands like turning lights on/off that are connected through Smartthings and they all work. I’ve tried removing and then readding the Smartthings skill from Alexa but still no luck. Any ideas?

(jkp) #2

You can install the Logitech skill in Alexa and avoid ST all together if you want :slight_smile:


Multiple people have been reporting these problems since early this month. See the current active thread for discussion various workarounds:

(Joe Carlton) #4

Thanks for the replies. Read the thread and found the Alexa skill. Removed the Smartthings links for the Harmony and all works now with the Alexa skill.