What Android Emulator are you using on Windows PC?


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Don’t use Windows.

But genymotion is pretty good. Use it to test at work. https://www.genymotion.com/


Bluestacks got me through. Could not run multiple instances which is nice for certain things.

Memu allows me to run multiple instances.

I use DuOS for a certain use case for work, can’t recommend it.

I will try genymotion for sure. Right now Memu is my go to.

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I just recently started using MeMu, I like it a lot, makes tinkering with ST much more tolerable. I wish it would load a little bit faster though.

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I’ve tried Genymotion and notice no Google playstore. Just Google and there are several solution to install Playstore and play services.

Everyone says its one of the best Emulator.

I don’t think any emulators come with google play installed. You will have to side load it, which is not too hard.

Look for “Setup Google Play Services” its not too hard. Not 100% that is the latest apk, but guessing its cloe enough.


Memu and Bluestacks both have native google play.

Probably the reason they are so popular, it’s easy for the consumer that just wants to play that play store game on their computer.

Genymotion is going to be a bit more involved to get up and running - requires virtualbox and sideload google play. Not a huge deal, but not click/run.

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MeMu only supports Windows. Bluestacks is trialware(?).

If I used windows I would definitely check out Memu, it does look like it has nice features.