Mobile device power - Intel based android?

My Samsung S7 is taking longer and longer to load the classic app - yes the new app could be better, but this could be due to the increased demand I am putting on ST as I add devices, apps etc.

Anyone any experience of running the app on Intel based architecture - an old Windows laptop or emulated Android on PC ?


You would need to emulate the entire Android OS…you can’t load an android app in Windows. So, once you do that, any comparison you make for speed would be pretty much worthless. Like comparing apples to cherry pie. Yeah, they’re both made of fruit but that’s pretty much it. I’m curious as to why you’re trying to run the ST app on your PC? Why not just interface with something like ActionTiles instead of loading the app?

Yes I appreciate the differences in platform architecture, I was thinking of something like Remix OS (there are others ) or even AMIduOS, I am coming at this purely form a question of processing power/grunt if the app is taking significantly longer to load each time (accepting the delay could be network etc) but again a PC with hardwired gigabit would be better.

I’m sorry, but I’m still not seeing the point of your question. If whatever you are loading the SmartThings app on can run android apps, then yes, it will work. If it’s a question of speed, that isn’t a function of the app but on the system that you are using to load it. The smartthings app has no idea that it’s not really on a phone. Do you see what I mean? I’ve dealt with emulation solutions which run a lot slower, even with better hardware, than the original system. I think you’d want to check with whoever makes the emulation you’re trying to run.

Sometimes (all the time?) it’s the SmartThings cloud that contributes to the app loading slowly.

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Yes actually have tried it an hour or two ago - early morning UK time (presumably most of US asleep) and it seemed to load quicker - no science not timed it but perception wise it was quicker thanks.

Then that just goes to prove my point. What is the difference where you load the app if the slow-down is the cloud?

Congrats, have a cookie :cookie:.

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