New App on Bluestacks

I’ve ran the new app on Blue Stacks before, but now I have a brand new installation on a new PC. When I open the app and click sign in, it just crashes. Every time.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Figured it out. Changed my device profile to a Galaxy Tab 6.


It works!

Manuf: Samsung
Brand: Galaxy Tab
Model: 6

Thanks Davin


Awesome, that worked for me!

I had the same problem but then i changed device too, and everything did run again !!!

Just to clarify for others unfamiliar with BlueStacks: In BlueStacks Settings, choose Device, Create a custom profile. Use the settings @Greco supplied.

for those not familiar with what blustacks is, it is an android emulator that runs on windows. thus, allowing you to run the smartthings app on your windows machine.

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