Hi guys.

I have at the moment a large Samsung family and looking to add to it. I am very tempted to buy a smartthings hub.

I have a wm250 multiroom hub to connect all my speakers m series and r series. Will i still need the wm250 hub or can i connect all the speakers direct to smartthings hub and use only the smarttings app? and if so can i still use the speakers as i did so far with the wm250 and multiroom app?

What is the difference in using echo dot by it self or together with smarttings? What do you get extra by adding smartthings to the amazon dot?

How come on the tv app store ( he6400 samsung) there is no smartthing app or multiroom app? same with Gear S smart watch…there is a remote controll type of app for multiroom play pause back forward but not a full app.

Is there something i can do to improve my speaker connection to the tv? I get an echo sound because speakers are not in sink and speakers (2x r3 and middle m7 ) keep on dropping at different times as well.

The same happens when i cast my Samsung S5 or note 10.1 to my Samsung Tv it keepa on disconnect because of a week connection when i am next to the tv?

Thank you

Yes, you will still need the Multiroom hub. It is not replaced by Smartthings. I still use the Multiroom app. While there is an integration with Multiroom and Smartthings, it is poor at best (basically play and pause and volume, no media selection or grouping). I am able to use them for Text to Speech announcements.