We've all been F_____ by Smartthings

Thanks Smartthings… smartthings hubs, sensors, and other smartthing branded devices (if you can find them) are being scalped for 2-3 times the actual cost. Aeotec devices (the supposed smartthings replacement) are scarce and price inflated. I have yet to see an Aeotec replacement for the multipurpose sensor. Smartthings just said “screw you all” . I guess they can just blame it the pandemic (that’s what most company’s are blaming their poor service on these days).

Oh yeah, Moving to HOME ASSISTANT.

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These are the Zigbee devices that Aeotec will now have the responsibility for:

You didn’t say what country you are in. The Zigbee multipurpose sensor is available for pre-order in the UK at Vesternet:

I haven’t seen a US vendor yet. There’s no doubt that smartthings dropped the ball on availability when they made the switch. :rage:

So by moving to home assistant you wont need Multipurpose sensor? I am just saying that HA is not a magic answer. I have been using HA for 2 years now with Smartthings as my zwave and zigbee solution. But automations are way more difficult than Smartthings…

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Have you tried blueprints?

I really wouldn’t say that it is more difficult, the rules API is more cumbersome, as you need to get the token, then understand the API, etc., the visual builder is as competent as the SmartThings apps.

Oh, and not to mention, the best things, it is documented. And, the breaking changes are documented as well! And you can opt out from firmware updates, if you see a breaking change what you don’t want to deal with at the time.

I almost forgot, you will be not screwed day by day, because somebody pushed the wrong code in the cloud to production without QC/QA what breaks down the Hub users on half the globe… (I hope you understand what I mean… status.smartthings.com)

The price inflation from Samsung to Aeotec is very significant. Case in point, that multipurpose sensor. Last year on Amazon, I paid £24.59 whereas this year it is now up to £32. A 28% increase in 12 months for the same product. On this point, I can certainly emphatise with the frustration voiced.

I haven’t used blueprints indeed but i was comparing it with the automations found in smartthings app. While i do agree that it is more capable than smartthings, it is also less intuitive. Btw if you know, how can i set a trigger on HA to trigger when a value equals 100%?

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Wake me up when the sensors are back in stock

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So let me get this straight. It’s not just the ADT Smartthings they are abandoning AFTER they offered a discount to get ADT / ST users on a newer non ADT hub for Smartthings?

Yeah no more Samsung for me. On my last Galaxy Gear, on my Last Galaxy Note, they stepped in it big time with me.