WeMo WiFi Smart Plug 2 Pack for 49.99 @ Costco

Hey Bargain Smartthings Hunters I was in my local Costco last night and came across WeMo WiFi smart Plug 2 Pack for 49.99 Item # 1068540 looks like this is not available online so you’ll have to swing by and get them while you can.

I found the WeMo integration to be very unreliable I really can’t use it within SmartThings


Wow that sucks for you, not sure if you’re missing out on anything or not. I’ve been using them for about a year without any problems.

Ok so Follow up yup gen2 seem to suck and fail to respond via smartthings commands so far. The 1st WeMo outlets have been working very solid.


I could never get Wemo to work with even the Wemo app. They did work well with Alexa though.

Picked these up a week ago and they have been working flawlessly with Smarthings for working my interior holiday lighting

Take that back. These are horrible and going back after Christmas. Don’t ever try to change the network they are connected to, what a nightmare.

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Ha I fought that battle long time ago and decided never again.

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