2 pack Wemo mini smart plug for $39.99 - Costco

Only for Costco members, deal valid till 5/13

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Interesting. Major deals on this device at most retailers now, bringing the price down to anywhere from $13-$20 depending on whether it’s a two pack or four pack.

I don’t know whether that’s because wemo is readying a new model or because they just want to grab back marketshare from some of the cheap Chinese Wi-Fi devices, particularly with Mother’s Day coming up and what looks like a lot of echo devices being given as gifts.

Anyway, it’s interesting. :sunglasses:

The wemo “sale” is pretty much in effect every time I ever pay any attention to them when I go to Costco so I don’t think it would be related to an update tho very well could be them just trying to salvage some market share.

Edit: still newish to replying on here so I don’t think I replied to JD like I intended. Tho I would have sworn I clicked the reply under his post.